Patch Management & Software Distribution

Today’s Challenges

For large enterprises, maintaining and distributing software, operating system patches and 3rd party updates can be resource intensive and painfully time consuming. Traditional software distribution solutions typically require a primary server and additional server infrastructure depending on how distributed the environment is. This can lead to tens or hundreds of additional servers that need to be managed. Furthermore, these solutions often require hours or days to be able to synchronize the server infrastructure and managed endpoints to be able to distribute software or updates. In many cases where critical patches or updates are needed, hours or days are not good enough.

Are You Prepared?

  • How many days does it take to reach 99% critical patch deployment and installation after “Patch Tuesday”?
  • When a 3rd party zero-day vulnerability is announced, how long does it take to uninstall or update the application?
  • How much infrastructure is currently being used to ensure adequate patch and update levels across the enterprise?

Tanium’s Solution

Tanium uses a patent-pending peer-to-peer architecture that allows a single Tanium Server to manage hundreds of thousands of managed endpoints. An enterprise with Tanium can distribute Internet Explorer 9, the latest Adobe Flash update, or a critical out of band Windows patch in minutes, rather than hours or days. Tanium’s out of the box content allows you to immediately begin managing your patches and updates, as well as create custom software packages to distribute new software to managed endpoints.

Value Delivered

Tanium’s unique architecture allows customers to manage the patch process and distribute software hundreds of times faster without needing to pay for and maintain secondary server infrastructure. Tanium also drastically reduces the usage of costly WAN network connections during the distribution process.