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Our Partnership with and the Future of IT Service Management

What We’ve Learned and What’s Next.

Five months ago, we announced a significant partnership with Salesforce to reimagine IT service management. Today at Converge, I am thrilled to welcome Sarah Franklin to our mainstage – EVP & GM of Platform, Trailhead & AppExchange at Salesforce.

For Tanium, what we are working on with Salesforce was a long time in the making. When David and I first started Tanium, we did so in preparation for the challenges organizations are facing in this moment. Distribution of endpoints – as a result of remote work and the continued migration to cloud infrastructure – has accelerated obsolescence of legacy IT solutions. This transition was well underway 13 years ago when we started. And today, with 82% of leaders saying that they plan to enable greater remote work even after the pandemic, the way we work is forever changed.

Together with Salesforce, we’ve dug in to understand your IT service management and employee experience challenges in this era of distributed IT. Through customer discussions and focus groups, we’ve gained tremendous confidence that, together, we can provide you with a better solution.

What we’ve heard from you…

First, we’ve heard how inconsistent and inaccurate data within ITSM solutions can be. These solutions often require brittle integrations that are expensive to maintain, don’t provide data quality and lead to slower-than-necessary issue resolution. That lack of data quality inhibits customers’ ability to drive automation and self healing. This is why we’ve worked with customers for years to close the visibility gap in legacy ITSM solutions. You deserve better. Accurate data should be a requirement in your ITSM solution – not an afterthought.

Second, incumbent ITSM tools do little to streamline interactions between employees and IT. When your employee submits a ticket, the helpdesk has very little visibility into, or context on, the issue or state of the endpoint. Even basic support and common resolutions such as patching the operating system, killing a process or rebooting a machine requires a time-consuming remote session. What you really want is to enable the IT help desk with the visibility and control they need to support employees directly from the service desk – with minimal disruption.

What’s to come: Comprehensive employee experience combined with real-time endpoint visibility and control.

Salesforce recently announced significant updates to its offering – all designed to unify the employee experience on the Salesforce Platform. New products include an employee workspace and helpdesk to boost productivity, as well as communication apps that inform customers and employees about new procedures to foster safer in-person experiences. The evolution of sets the foundation for what we’re working on together with Salesforce.

We have already begun to pilot our combined offering and cannot wait for you to see what we have in store next year. We are excited by the ability to bring together the power of with Tanium’s real-time endpoint visibility and control. As a result, employees enjoy a simplified work experience and organizations benefit from better workforce productivity. The IT helpdesk gains the ability to have current and rich visibility and powerful resolution of endpoint issues through a single pane of glass.

If you’re registered for Converge, tune in today to hear more about our shared vision in my virtual discussion with Sarah.

If you’re a Salesforce customer and are interested in piloting these capabilities, please contact your Salesforce Account Executive. If you want to hear more about the availability of our joint offering in the future, sign up to be notified below.

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Orion Hindawi co-founded Tanium in 2007 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Orion leads the product strategy and development of the Tanium platform, in addition to all customer-facing technical operations and management functions.

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