Tanium Map: Automate Discovery of Multi-tier Application Components with an “Easy Button”

8.27.2019 | Rishi Kant

Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of Tanium Map version 1.2, which includes a revamped Application Discovery feature.

IT Operations teams need to maintain up-to-date business service / multi-tier application maps to efficiently run their tasks and secure their environment. Multiple workflows such as business continuity planning, change impact analysis, outage troubleshooting and application migration, benefit from having accurate visibility into the components and structure of the multi-tier application that underpins each business service. Unfortunately, collecting this information is manually intensive with IT operators having to piece together knowledge across developers, contractors, application owners and business owners. Net-net, IT Operators need an easier way to map all the dependencies for business services!

Tanium Map can now automatically map networked process dependencies for a given multi-tier application / business service. Tanium Map automatically correlates the network connection information to build a tiered view of the dependencies. For example, if you have a typical 3-Tier application (Apache Web Server talking to Tomcat Application Server talking to MySQL DB), Tanium Map will take as input the starting process (Apache Webserver) and automatically discover the Tomcat and MySQL dependencies.

The definition is automatically populated with the process name, command line, communication port(s) and IP address for each dependency. Check out the video below to see it in action. It is literally that easy!

Please reach out to your Tanium sales representative or Technical Account Manager if you are interested in “easy button” discovery for multi-tier applications!

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