Cyber Security for Retailers

See For Yourself

Retail IT departments operate in distributed and often low bandwidth environments. Global retailers need to protect sensitive customer information including POS systems to ensure high levels of customer trust and retention. Retail IT teams must manage legacy systems, comply with PCI and implement sound operation policies to improve security posture.


Complete visibility across distributed and disparate infrastructure

Only Tanium can discover unmanaged endpoints and query live data from all endpoints for complete endpoint visibility. Tanium can uniquely help solve PCI compliance across all endpoints by harvesting data across all endpoints and giving visibility into what is running on all POS systems. Combine Tanium data with IT systems such as SIEM or data analytics, CMDB and ticketing systems for complete enterprise visibility.


15-second speed and scale across millions of endpoints

Tanium has a unique architecture that can deliver 15-second visibility and control in the world’s largest networks. Tanium is 10,000 times faster than current tools that might take hours, days or even weeks to gather critical endpoint data. Use Tanium’s speed and scale to stay ahead of attackers and protect sensitive data.


Extensibility and ROI leading to better margins

Tanium is limited only by your imagination. Collect any endpoint data – even from third-party endpoint agents and create new packages to execute any change – like automating remediation of an enterprise-wide incident or improving mean time to resolve (MTTR) by harvesting any endpoint data. Use a single platform across multiple use cases and reduce costs.