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The security industry is failing.

Information Security spending is increasing year after year, yet breaches continue to outpace the investment. Last year budgets swelled another 24%, while the number of security incidents rose 38%.[1] When an entire system is spending more money only to realize the problem is getting worse, the system is broken. And when the stakes are as high as they are — securing the infrastructure that supports our way of life — the time for change is now. It’s time to see the truth about security.

You may ask, ‘how do we see the truth?’ With hundreds of security companies lining expo floors, many promising to be the silver bullet, it’s difficult to decipher between reality and marketing messages. How do you see the truth when everyone sounds the same? With countless security point tools on the market, how do you even know what you need to purchase? And are the tools of the past 20 years really protecting us from the threats of today — and tomorrow?

The truth is: outdated security tools are leaving organizations vulnerable to threats and, worse, largely unaware of compromises to their networks while there is still time to prevent an attack. The status quo has failed to keep up with the exponential pace of technology innovation in our ultra-connected world. In 60% of security incidents in 2015, attackers were able to penetrate an organization within minutes, yet the majority of breaches took weeks to detect.[2] Buying six or seven — or 100 — point security solutions solves nothing.

Throwing more security tools at the problem or relying on the tools of the past two decades and hoping for a different result is not getting us anywhere. It’s time for the industry to take a hard look at the current security tools on the market and ask ourselves if we have greater visibility and more confidence because of them. If the continued rise in the number of breaches is an indicator, we need a different approach.

At Tanium we aim to lead by example: to be truthful to the industry and our customers, empowering IT and Security teams, the C-Suite and Boards of Directors to make better decisions and gain confidence in their security posture. We think there’s a better — a new way — to solve this vital problem: go back to basics and tackle all of the basic security hygiene issues while arming teams with the visibility required to identify and stop attacks before they cause damage. With a constantly changing IT environment and attackers able to compromise systems within minutes, the tools required to solve this problem need to provide visibility and control in seconds. Across every IT asset in the enterprise, no matter how large and complex the network. That’s what we have invented at Tanium: a platform that provides 15-second visibility and control over every endpoint, even across the world’s largest networks. Security and IT teams can work together to stay ahead of attackers and enforce basic IT security hygiene across the enterprise, from up to date patches and software to compliant system configurations. We are committed to delivering technology that delivers on its promise and helping the industry see the truth.

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