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Everyone has a budget they have to live within. Unfortunately, many IT Security leaders already have their hands tied — no matter the line item number — because they’ve committed the majority of their annual budgets to prevention technologies such as antivirus and intrusion protection systems, tools that no one believes actually work anymore.

Procurement inertia has become as threatening to networks as any cyberthreat because it stifles strategic investments in innovation, causing teams to default to solutions that have half a chance of actually working in 2016. Today we launched the latest product module, Tanium Protect, to further advance our vision of freeing customers from incumbent endpoint protection vendors.

When we look at most IT environments, we mostly see siloed point solutions that have been there for years and vendors who are charging three times more money than when they began, but delivering the exact same products year after year. How did we let this become acceptable? Legacy vendors are no longer great at innovation. They are great at financial engineering, hiding their failures behind marketing, and taking advantage of the pain and cost of procuring a new solution to fuel a profitable status quo.

In an age where breach frequency and severity is outpacing increases to security spending, it’s our duty to disrupt a system that rewards companies who benefit from inaction.

At Tanium, we believe there’s an opportunity to optimize disparate solutions with a singular platform. We’re seeing this approach succeed and deliver ROI in some of the largest companies and government organizations in the world today. Our platform vision is to take out the pain and costs of integration and to train users on one console that does 50 things, instead of 50 tools that each do one thing. Tanium Protect takes us another step closer.

Native operating systems include effective, but underutilized, security controls to proactively block attacks on endpoints because they haven’t been historically easy to use or manage. Protect further frees our customers from incumbent endpoint protection vendors, including antivirus, by making native operating system security controls useable with our 15-second speed and enterprise-scale. Organizations will be able to eliminate the dependence on siloed third-party endpoint protection platforms in favor of Protect along with operating system controls.

IT Security leaders may not have a choice in keeping some legacy point tools around for regulatory reasons or corporate politics — and we understand those realities. But there is a much more efficient and effective way to address the problem. Our goal is to help our customers re-configure their entire IT posture around new ecosystems and products built for 2016, not 2006. And we’ll continue to deliver new modules every quarter. We aim to give our customers complete flexibility to utilize different solutions and strategies on the Tanium platform, with virtually no barrier to entry and exit. Imagine making your procurement decisions based on need and not how hard it would be to source and deploy. It’s been revelatory for many of our customers, especially when we connect them with a community of other companies that have deployed the exact same way.

Our call is to all IT Security teams who can’t take action because the inaction of others. Try out our technology, and together we’ll change the industry.

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About the author: Orion Hindawi co-founded Tanium in 2007 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Orion leads product strategy and development of the Tanium Platform, in addition to all customer-facing technical operations and management functions. A technology visionary and accomplished inventor, Orion has led the development of enterprise-scale endpoint security and management platforms for the past 18 years at BigFix, Inc. (acquired by IBM in 2010) and Tanium, in addition to holding multiple software patents in the areas of network communications and systems management. Orion works closely with Tanium customers on a daily basis in the pursuit of inventing new approaches for solving the significant challenges IT departments face securing and managing large, global enterprise environments. Orion also serves on the Tanium Board of Directors.

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