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IT operations teams don’t have a shortage of tools – what they do have is a shortage of tools that collect accurate, complete data, and automate management tasks with speed and reliability.

IT outages are on the rise
IT outages are on the rise. The cost of an outage is linearly related to the duration of the outage.
Most unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes and configuration errors
Inability to perform and immediately confirm successful changes exposes IT systems to intermittent issues and poor performance.
Hub and spoke architectures are expensive and resource intensive.
Hub-and-spoke architectures are expensive and resource-intensive. As a result, IT operations tasks are run less frequently and have low success rates.

How Tanium Delivers Unmatched Efficiency and Accuracy for IT Operations

Tanium delivers unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy for IT Operations. With Tanium, IT Operations staff can gather critical endpoint data to quickly scope and fix outages, reliably push changes to all their endpoints at scale with confidence, and operate efficiently by consolidating their patchwork of IT tools.

Faster, Easier, More Reliable Patching

Faster, easier, more reliable patching

Successfully deploy patches across every endpoint with unprecedented speed and reliability, regardless of the size of the environment. Define custom workflows and schedule patches based on advanced rules or exceptions, including whitelists, blacklists, dynamic computer groups, and patch lists.

Incident Problem Management And Remediation

Incident/problem scoping and remediation with live and recorded endpoint data

Directly access comprehensive endpoint data from all systems in an environment within seconds to greatly accelerate the time required to triage complex incidents. Use live and recorded endpoint data (such as file system, process, network connections, and registry) for detailed look-backs and root cause analysis. Once the issue has been fully scoped, execute remediation swiftly and precisely.

Mergers and acquisitions planning and operations

Mergers and acquisitions planning and operations

Accelerate the due diligence process and reduce risk by rapidly deploying Tanium on target company. Tanium can be typically deployed to between 10,000 and 50,000 target endpoints a day to secure and optimize the target company infrastructure, and improve M&A outcomes.

Cloud migration and management

Cloud migration and management

Access comprehensive endpoint data from all systems and make changes at any scale, behind the firewall and in the cloud. Tanium can provide critical insight and identify opportunities to consolidate and secure the infrastructure, before and after migrating to the cloud. With Tanium, it’s business as usual in the cloud.

Windows 10 Migration

Distribute software and endpoint configurations

Distribute, update, or uninstall software packages confidently to any or every desired endpoint, and confirm successful completion seconds later. Tanium’s endpoint communications architecture delivers software across the network at unprecedented speeds by drastically reducing reliance on expensive WAN traffic.

How Tanium helps with IT Operations Management

Tanium Core
Tanium Patch
Tanium Trace
Tanium Discover
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