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After significant M&A activity, a large healthcare institution could not account for 60% of their endpoints. Tanium helped them achieve 100% visibility, including those within their hospitals.

Acquired Endpoints Increase Risk

Technology integration teams must manage risk while realizing business value during M&A.

Acquiring companies face a long list of risks that must be assessed and carefully accounted for during due diligence: financial, litigation, intellectual property and regulatory matters all represent potential inherited impact on a business. Indeed, when you buy a company, you buy their data and endpoints.

Today, disparate security and IT operations practices between companies represent a growing concern for acquiring corporations. Essentially, it is rare for both companies to have the same standards for cybersecurity, asset management and IT policies, such as BYOD. In fact, unknown threats might already have infiltrated the acquired company’s endpoints   leaving companies exposed to future data compromise, fines and loss of trust with customers.

Why Customers Choose Tanium for Mergers & Acquisitions

Save Time

Accelerate the due diligence process and reduce risk by quickly finding and controlling all endpoints across both organizations.

Save Money

Identify synergies, rationalize tools and reclaim hardware and software to reduce costs.

Keep the Business Running

Gain greater visibility and control across teams to mitigate potential IT outages