Tanium Architecture

Don’t bet your future on the architecture of last century.

Outdated architecture. It’s the root of the problems that plague endpoint tools. Tanium collects data and takes action on the endpoint 10,000 times faster. And it doesn’t slow down as the enterprise scales.

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The architectures for existing endpoint tools are limited in key ways. They provide:

  • Incomplete visibility

    Every security and operations use case relies on retrieving endpoint data and the ability to reliably take action, whether it’s for detection and response, antivirus, or patching. Many tools fail in the face of bandwidth-constrained wide-area network (WAN) communication. User endpoints are transient. Agents fail (or never get deployed in the first place).
  • Limited control

    Many point tools focus on visibility only. Visibility without control leads to wasted cycles and incomplete remediation of security issues such as software vulnerabilities. The architecture of other tools might support limited control for certain scenarios. In this case of security response however, quarantine is not enough. These limitations create an over reliance on manual re-imaging, which can mean significant downtime and lost data.
  • Slow-to-use

    Using traditional hub and spoke architecture, tasks like asset inventory, compliance assessment, and patching might take hours or even days to complete. Agent-less scanning approaches might sound good on paper, but are costly in terms of network performance and slow to complete.

Tanium is different

Tanium was built for the next century, not the last.

The Tanium architecture takes a unique and patented approach to endpoint communications. Built for the demands of highly distributed, complex, and modern endpoint-era networks, the Tanium architecture turns decentralization and scale into an advantage.
  • Complete visibility

    Tanium overcomes WAN limitations without depending on a large number of remotely managed servers. Whether on-network or off, Tanium enables security and operations users to access everything about every managed system. Tanium also enables discovery of rogue unmanaged endpoints that could otherwise provide a backdoor for attacks.
  • Full control & remediation

    Tanium’s approach is extensible for the problems of today, as well as the future. Through Tanium, security and operations personnel can take full control to assess and remediate through a single platform. Want to keep separation of duties between security risk assessment and remediation? Role-based access enables separation while teams can continue to leverage Tanium as a single source of truth.
  • Lightning fast

    Whether on-network or off, Tanium enables the user to access detailed live data about every system. Responses are returned reliably and quickly – typically within seconds. The speed of the Tanium Communications Architecture means, for most use cases, data doesn’t need to be centrally stored. By reducing the need for central storage, Tanium enables organizations to reduce their overall management costs and complexity.

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