Communications Architecture

The magic behind our speed and scale

Outdated architecture. It’s the root of the speed and scale problems that plague legacy tools. Our patented endpoint communications architecture collects data and takes action on the endpoint 10,000 times faster than the old way. And it doesn’t slow down as the enterprise scales. Cool, right?

The Old Way

High Cost of Ownership, Expensive to Scale

A hierarchical architecture requires dozens to hundreds of secondary servers to properly relay queries, aggregate data and distribute software across enterprise networks.

Fragile Infrastructure = Incomplete Results

The need for dozens or even a few hundred secondary servers, each a potential point of failure, greatly diminishes the ability to retrieve complete data from every endpoint.

Slow Response Times, from Hours to Weeks

Centralized communication and data aggregation through secondary servers results in severe bottlenecks due to overloaded databases and heavy reliance on high-latency WAN traffic.

Traditional Tools Diagram


The Tanium Way

Minimal Cost of Ownership, No Effort to Scale

Tanium’s unique architecture easily scales to millions of endpoints without requiring ongoing infrastructure additions, resulting in dramatic cost savings.

Resilient Infrastructure = Complete Results

Designed for today’s rapidly changing endpoints, we achieve 99%+ response rates from endpoints on the network. Every time.

Response Times Measured in Seconds

Decentralized data aggregation and distribution primarily across low-latency LAN traffic results in unparalleled speed and performance.

Tanium Tools Diagram