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Register for Tanium Training

Are you interested in growing your Tanium expertise, learning about a new Tanium solution, or even getting started with Tanium? If you would like to begin, enhance, or deepen your knowledge of Tanium by attending an instructor-led session taught by qualified Tanium instructors, please see below.

Tanium Essentials

The Tanium Essentials course is an immersive three-day training covering the primary operational use cases of the Tanium core platform and modules. Participants learn how to use Tanium’s powerful abilities to gain valuable network visibility, assess potential risks, plan for threat remediation, and empower security and IT operations teams to continuously secure, control, and manage every endpoint at speed and scale.

Topics include the primary operational use cases of the Tanium core platform and these modules: Interact, Connect, Trends, Discover, Asset, Deploy, Patch, Threat Response, Protect, Performance, Comply, Integrity Monitor, and Reveal.


Tanium Admin

Intended for administrators with at least six months of experience using Tanium, this comprehensive and hands-on course prepares Tanium administrators to strategically review, analyze and troubleshoot Tanium performance concerns using a variety of tools such as the System Status Page, /Info Page, Question and Action History, Tanium Health Check and basic TanOS administration.

Tanium Training Calendar

Tanium Customers can purchase and register for Tanium Essentials and Tanium Administration instructor-led classes. Online training for all Tanium products can be purchased and viewed by logging into (details below). For information on other training courses from Tanium, please contact your Tanium representative.

Course Region Date
Tanium Essentials North America Aug 23-25
Tanium Administration North America Aug 24-25
Tanium Essentials EMEA Sept 20-22
Tanium Administration EMEA Sept 28-29
Tanium Essentials North America Oct 11-13
Tanium Administration North America Oct 12-13
Tanium Essentials North America Nov 29-Dec 01
Tanium Administration North America Nov 30-Dec 01