Detection & Response

Detect and respond to threats and issues in seconds with Tanium.

Tanium is the only platform to bridge the Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) gaps so you can create a continuous closed-loop endpoint security process.

2018 Endpoint Security Survey

Your endpoint security toolbox is broken.

If your teams can’t agree on which endpoints exist and what their current state is, how can they work to properly detect an incident and respond to an issue? Current challenges to detection and response:

Too many alerts, too little time.

If your team can’t tell which alerts need immediate triage, they can’t detect and respond effectively. Detection fails when cybersecurity teams are overburdened with alerts they can’t triage quickly or efficiently.

Endpoint data isn’t timely or accurate.

If you don’t know what’s happening right now on every endpoint in your network, how can you possibly respond to an incident? An investigation can’t be complete without accurate and timely information on every endpoint.

You can’t fix what you don’t know is there.

Without a comprehensive view of what’s happening on every endpoint, you can’t possibly remediate. What you miss in investigation doesn’t get fixed – and existing tools aren’t able to execute changes swiftly or at scale.

Your tools encourage organizational silos.

You can’t enforce IT cybersecurity best practices if your teams aren’t working together. Existing point tools reinforce the silos in IT and cybersecurity, instead of enabling useful and effective collaboration where it’s needed most.

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