IT Operations Management

Achieve accurate and efficient IT operations at scale with Tanium.

IT operations teams can gather critical endpoint data to scope and fix outages, reliably push changes to all their endpoints at scale, and consolidate their patchwork of IT tools.

IT Operations Management Solution Brief

You’ve got too many tools delivering too few results.

IT operations teams don’t have a shortage of tools – what they do have is a shortage of tools that collect accurate and complete data while automating management tasks with speed and reliability.

IT outages are frequent and long-lasting.

The cost of an outage is directly related to the duration of the outage. The more outages you have, and the longer they last, the greater the impact on your bottom line. Can your business afford another outage?

IT systems aren’t performing as well as they should.

If your systems aren’t performing at 100%, neither is your business. Existing tools make it difficult to perform and immediately confirm successful changes, leaving your network exposed.

Existing tools are devouring your resources.

If your tools are too resource intensive, you will delay crucial IT operations and updates and run the risk of low success rates. Exisitng tools use a hub-and-spoke architecture, making it labor intensive and time consuming to execute and confirm endpoint updates.

Fear of failure prevents you from patching.

Keeping your software up to date is your first line of defense. Yet, outage fears and your existing tools offer little comfort. If you can’t patch quickly and reliably, your entire organization is at risk.

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