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Enrich CMDB and Orchestrate SecOps with Tanium and ServiceNow

Organizations change rapidly and IT is at the heart of the business. It’s all about speed and agility in combination with security and compliance. We see how digital transformation is changing organizational structures, evolving team responsibilities, creating the shift to cloud and automation of processes and technologies in order to increase the speed of delivery and end-user satisfaction. IT in enterprises changes fast, sometimes at the expense of lost synergies between IT operations and security teams. Visibility and control become essential to remain agile and continuously improve and evolve the IT organization.

Without visibility, no predictability

ServiceNow is transforming the workflows of IT organizations. Tanium™ is transforming endpoint and systems management. Tanium has partnered with ServiceNow to improve visibility and control of endpoints, enabling this valuable information to be collected automatically. Together, we improve overall IT hygiene by delivering the relevant data, in near real-time and at scale, for IT assets and endpoints by using Tanium’s endpoint visibility and control with ServiceNow workflows, automation, and orchestration.

Customers are currently using this integration to generate ServiceNow incidents that collect disk utilization on laptops in a specific department, and notify IT when an unapproved application has been installed by a user with administrative privileges. In addition, the integration is used for hunting and communicating in ServiceNow with respect to actions operations or security teams would need an automated workflow process to address.

The ServiceNow and Tanium partnership helps organizations simplify IT operations, improve efficiency, decrease total cost of ownership, achieve compliance, and make security responses faster and more efficient for our customers.

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