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Security at Tanium

Security is top of mind at Tanium. We're proud to have created an industry-leading security program to facilitate the development of secure code and protect our customers' data.

Guiding standards

Tanium provides a number of industry-leading security capabilities, at no additional cost.

SAML-based SSO

RBAC and “Four Eyes” action approvals

Granular event logging

Robust REST and SOAP APIs

HSM support for storing key material

Support for air gapped networks

If you think you may have found a security vulnerability affecting Tanium, please contact our product security team.

Report an issue

Data privacy

Tanium takes our handling and storing of personal data very seriously. Tanium has policies, processes and security measures in place to safeguard personal data we collect and to comply with the requirements of applicable law and continues to monitor such measures as the law evolves, including the implementation of GDPR.

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