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Tanium Training

Expand your practical knowledge of Tanium products.

We offer a wide selection of instructor-led and online, self-paced training courses at every skill level, so users can get familiar with the Tanium platform and its core functions, use cases, and best practices.

Benefits of Tanium Training

Whether you’re just getting started or ready to expand your skills and knowledge of Tanium, our comprehensive training will help you reach your goals.

Tanium training provides enhanced knowledge and understanding of Tanium products, giving users the confidence they need to expand their abilities and get the most out of their Tanium deployment.

Partners of Tanium have training opportunities that support building services practices around Tanium, provide paths to becoming an Accredited Tanium Partner, and drive excellent customer outcomes.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on lab experiences allow learners to build their knowledge and skillset through practical application of the Tanium platform.

Public classes

Our courses offer in-depth instructions on the fundamentals of Tanium and can serve as an effective preparatory tool for Tanium Certification Exams.

Self-paced learning (WBT)

Our library of self-guided curriculum enables learners to expand their knowledge at their own pace.

Certified trainers

Tanium instructors have real-world expertise and understand the needs and priorities of everyday users.

Training modalities

Web-based training (WBT)

Tanium customers can take advantage of our library of complimentary and paid self-paced online training courses.

Multi-organization, virtual instructor-led training (vILT)

Individual seats are available for learners who want to take training with hands on learning in a group setting.

Dedicated instructor-led training (ILT/vILT)

Tanium offers private onsite and virtual instructor-led training sessions for groups of 10 to 20 students per delivery.

Get Tanium certified

Validate your Tanium technical skills and knowledge to advance your professional and business success.

Tanium Training FAQs

What types of Tanium training courses are available?

Tanium offers a number of instructor-led and online, self-paced training courses ranging from introductory topics to familiarize yourself with the Tanium platform and core functions, usage and best practices, to advanced topics. A full list of training offerings can be viewed on our Course Catalog.

New classes will be added as they are developed.

Instructor-led training classes are typically offered either onsite at your location or remotely through virtual classrooms. We also offer other resources to learn about Tanium and our software. The Tanium Resource Center contains a variety of useful information. You can also view our YouTube channel, which includes product overviews and short training videos (Tanium Tutorials).

Who can I contact to receive more information about Tanium training classes or training scheduling?

Please contact your Tanium Account Team / Partner representative for more information. If you are unsure of who that is, please send an email to [email protected] and we will help you reach the individuals responsible for your account.

Does Tanium training purchased have an expiry date?

All purchased Tanium training has a 12-month expiration from the date of purchase. Please contact your Tanium Account Team for more information if you are unsure of your training expiry date or have questions regarding scheduling training.

Do you offer a publicly available training class?

Tanium offers regularly scheduled classes at no additional charge to our partners, federal, and commercial customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Classes are offered remotely via video conference with a live instructor.

Class schedules may be found on the Tanium Learning Center Calendar.

Please note that the sessions are reserved for Tanium customers and partners. For registration and other information, please contact your Tanium Sales / Partner representative.

How do I access Free Tanium Training?

Customers can access free training by logging in to Tanium Learning Center at If this is your first time logging in, you will need to redeem an Access/Enrollment Key. If you do not yet have one, please reach out to your Tanium Account Team. Please refer to our Accessing Free Training in Tanium Learning Center guide for more information.

I am a Customer/Partner and I have questions about Tanium Learning Center (TLC). Where can I find this information? 

 Please take a look at our Tanium Learning Center FAQs here.

Can I purchase training online using a credit card?

We are currently working on launching our e-commerce platform and regret to inform you that online training purchases with a credit card are not yet available. If you would still like to purchase training, please work directly with your Tanium Account Team.

Ready to start your journey?

Training courses are available for purchase for new and existing customers. For information on our training courses or to receive a quote, please contact your Tanium Account Team. If you're uncertain who your representative is, contact [email protected], and we will assist you in connecting with the individuals responsible for your account.

Partners of Tanium can access a range of training as a part of the Tanium Partner Advantage Program benefits, via the Partner Portal.