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Tanium Learning

From intro to expert, Tanium supports you with training and certification paths to level up your skills and your career.

Benefits of Tanium Learning

Our learning program gives you the skills and knowledge to get the most out of the Tanium XEM platform while equipping your teams to be self-sufficient guardians of your IT estate.

Enhanced knowledge

Expand your understanding of the Tanium XEM platform and develop skills in basic and advanced product use cases.


Become your organization’s in-house expert. Secure your IT environment quickly and minimize the need for outside support.

Product mastery

Harness the full potential of the Tanium platform to tackle the most complex and challenging edge cases.

Career advancement

Get Tanium Certified and carry that professional credential with you as you level up your career.

Your learning journey with Tanium

The Tanium Global Enablement team supports your goals from day one through your entire career development.


Introductory courses

Build a solid foundational knowledge of Tanium! Getting Started with Tanium is a learner’s introduction to the platform.


Foundational courses

Gain a strong skill base in the Tanium platform. Tanium Essentials covers core principles and the industry-standard best practices.


Intermediate courses

Explore a variety of courses that offer comprehensive knowledge, practical applications, and hands-on experience.


Advanced courses

Our Working with Tanium Series is designed to push seasoned professionals and keep them at the forefront of their industry.


Tanium Certifications

Validate XEM Platform knowledge and Tanium Module use cases across course levels.

Tanium Training

We offer a wide selection of instructor-led and online, self-paced training courses at every skill level, so users can get familiar with the Tanium platform and its core functions, use case, and best practices.

Tanium Certifications

Our rigorous certification program helps individuals and organizations showcase their expertise in industry best practices and the Tanium platform. Certifications demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning and boost your credibility.

Partner Enablement

Tanium’s Partner Advantage Program provides the tools, training and go-to-market support that partners need to build their business practice with Tanium.  Partner Enablement programs and learning paths are designed to help partners achieve foundational capabilities to deliver positive outcomes for our joint customers. 

Your journey starts today!

Discover the learning path that’s right for you and take the first step toward platform mastery and certification.