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Transform IT security and operations with Microsoft + Tanium

Drive more efficient and effective IT operations and security with real-time visibility, control, and remediation.

Tanium + Microsoft Copilot for Security: revolutionizing cybersecurity

Combine complete endpoint visibility and control with purpose-built AI capabilities to enhance defenses and mitigate threats.


Quickly transform security queries into action. Seamless integration eliminates the need for security teams to navigate multiple tools and datasets.


Complete endpoint visibility forms the foundation of robust security, enabling proactive vulnerability management and swift incident response.


Copilot uses Tanium real-time endpoint data to catch what others miss and present it to analysts in a meaningful and actionable way.

When attackers strike, it’s a race against the clock

Today’s distributed and complex environments make it challenging to monitor for and identify vulnerabilities. Organizations are stitching together various tools but lack the end-to-end visibility they need to secure their environments.


Unknown or unmanaged assets

are blind spots and can lead to exploitation.


Limited or inaccurate data

protracts investigations and complicates security and operations workflows.


Lack of a single control plane

extends the time to remediate and resolve incidents and threats.


Sprawling security and IT operations tools

create complexity, increase costs, and put enterprises at risk.

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“In our new framework, we couple the unparalleled visibility and control of Tanium with the world-class security capabilities of Microsoft. That’s something that no other vendor can offer us.”

Joe Silva CISO JLL
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“Being able to identify something consistently and quickly across platforms, and then respond potentially with automation or Playbooks through [Microsoft] Sentinel and Tanium improves our response speeds and mitigates the potential impact of a breach.”

Mark Wantling CIO University of Salford
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“I am excited to see that Tanium and Microsoft are coming together. Combining Tanium’s real-time data and control with Microsoft’s services will allow my team to more effectively manage and secure my entire IT estate.”

Andy Lawrence Cyber Security Improvements Manager Willis Towers Watson

Tanium + Microsoft: better together

Tanium and Microsoft empower more effective and resilient IT operations and security at scale, by combining unprecedented analysis and automation with real-time visibility, control, and remediation.

Simplify and drive security, performance, and automation with Microsoft and Tanium.

Unlock Zero Trust at scale with Tanium and Microsoft Entra ID.

Drive enhanced investigation and remediation with Tanium and Microsoft Sentinel.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Ensure that MDE is deployed, running, and up to date across every computer and endpoint — even non-Microsoft Entra ID ones. This out-of-the-box integration reports on MDE agent health and allows setting changes at speed and scale while empowering you with MDE findings to identify and remediate issues in real time.

Microsoft Sentinel

Drive enhanced investigations with Tanium’s rich, real-time endpoint data and remediate directly within the Microsoft Sentinel console. With the speed of Tanium, security and IT ops teams have a single platform to investigate, triage, and remediate alerts, reducing risk and improving efficiency.

Microsoft Entra ID

Enable enhanced conditional access and Zero Trust by denying access to non-compliant or high-risk devices, mitigating potential attack vectors. Customers can take advantage of Tanium’s remediation capabilities to quickly bring a device into compliance and minimize disruption to user productivity.

Microsoft Intune

Extend Intune to reach all discoverable devices in seconds and build a complete, real-time asset inventory. Tanium expands Intune’s compliance policy to ensure core security and IT operations checks are installed and properly configured.

Tanium recognized as a Microsoft Partner of the Year

Tanium is the winner of the 2023 Microsoft US Partner of the Year Award for Rising Azure Technology. We are proud to be honored among a field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Microsoft, Azure, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Sentinel are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

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