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Real-time visibility, control and remediation — on a single platform

A single platform that delivers complete, accurate and real-time endpoint data regardless of scale and complexity.

A platform built to address today’s IT challenges

Organizations lose visibility and control of their IT environments as they grow and become distributed.

  • The devices they manage become more numerous and complex, resulting in blind spots.

  • They adopt more point solutions to address various IT workflows, losing context and fidelity from team handoffs.

  • Teams become siloed as more tools are onboarded but not integrated, causing friction and delays.


Get high-fidelity data and respond in real time, not weeks or months.


Zero infrastructure, delivered as a service, linear chain architecture.


A single platform that enables automation via converged workflows.

Take a tour with Tanium's co-founder

We’ve found that the best way for customers to understand what we do is to show our platform in action. Orion Hindawi, Tanium’s co-founder, will guide you through a hands-on keyboard tour to show what Tanium does and the power of the platform.

Trust Tanium solutions for every IT workflow

Track down every IT asset you own instantaneously.

Automate operations from discovery to management.

Find and fix vulnerabilities at scale in seconds.

Accelerate IT ops and security incident response tasks.

Deliver digital work experiences that always delight.

One platform.

Zero infrastructure.

Cloud convenience.

Deployed on premises or as a service, our award-winning cloud service has been adopted by the most exacting, regulated organizations in the world for mission-critical systems.

Bringing industry-leading technologies on a single extensible platform

"We were genuinely surprised at the level of integration. Being able to take data out of Tanium and put it into Splunk or take data from Palo Alto Networks and put it into Tanium — basically take all the tools I had and make them work together. That is where the value of Tanium is for me."

Greg Fisbeck

Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Operations


The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.