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Sustainability at Tanium 

We’re dedicated to creating corporate office operations that foster a sustainable future and lead to improvements in the communities surrounding our global offices.

What we accomplished in 2022

Administrative Operations measured scope 2 emissions from Tanium workplaces as approximately 655,608.75 lbs of CO2. Additional efforts to reduce emissions are planned for 2023.

Sustainable workplaces

One or more of the below features are in use at each Tanium workplace:

  • Building automation system
  • Occupancy-controlled lighting
  • Energy Star or equivalent appliances

How it works

Our management system for sustainability emphasizes simplicity, visibility and impact. This approach uses the PDCA model to drive compliance with best practice. We have not incurred regulatory fines or penalties to date related to environmental sustainability.


Ensure requirements are accounted for and associated controls are in place.


Execute operations according to plan using implemented controls.


Review operations for emerging risks or ineffective controls throughout the year and conduct an annual self assessment.


Drive corrective action for issue or opportunities discovered in our checks.

Our goals for 2023 

Project Power Up: We are analyzing fixtures and equipment to identify and act on opportunities for increased conservation of natural resources.

Drinking water poured into a white Tanium cup

Waste reduction

We pledge to maintain composting at 65% or more at Tanium workplaces.

2 Tanium Employees cleaning up outdoor space

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