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Tanium Partner Advantage removes barriers to help drive partner success at every stage of the customer journey, from pre-sale and beyond.

Tanium Partner Advantage Program

Through a single, flexible program, Tanium supports, enables and recognizes partners based on the business models you employ across the customer journey. Partners unlock benefits through measurement of Total Partner Value, which considers the whole partner relationship across financial performance, building expertise, investment and growth, and customer success. Tanium Partner Advantage eliminates roadblocks to partner success, rigid tiers, certification requirements and complex fees, making it easier for partners to engage, sell, deliver and grow. When you join Tanium Partner Advantage, it’s up to you to engage and progress in the way that makes the most sense for your business.

Stronger Together.

Our focused ecosystem of trusted and experienced partners helps enterprises and government organizations around the world solve today’s most difficult security, compliance, and IT operations challenges. We partner throughout the world with technology alliances, system integrators, solution and services providers, consultancies and other partners to meet the needs of the world’s most technically demanding organizations.

System Integrators and Consultants

Tanium partners with leading system integrators and consultancies to help customers re-imagine endpoint management and security using the speed and scale of the Tanium platform.

Our system integrator and consultancy partners offer deep business transformation and vertical expertise. Applying an expert understanding of their clients’ business and technology operations, they drive the benefits of Tanium’s platform across a variety of operational domains. For example, some partners operate Tanium to identify and respond to threats and vulnerabilities. Others design and implement initiatives to integrate Tanium with other technologies to optimize the value of technology investments across IT operations.

As a system integrator or consultancy partner, you unlock significant benefits by adding the following to your practice:

Enhanced services’ capabilities, and increased managed services profitability, through tools consolidation

Accurate validation of the total managed and unmanaged endpoints within the IT estate to improve overall risk management and project scoping

Application of Tanium-sourced endpoint telemetry to enrich SIEM, SOAR, and service management tools

Solution Providers

Tanium Solution Provider partners package, deliver, and implement solutions that combine the Tanium platform with third-party hardware and software to meet clients’ IT systems management and security needs.

Our solution provider partners offer extensive industry vertical and regional market expertise to our joint customers. They provide commercial relationships and local support across critical product and service categories.As a solution provider partner, you are enabled to:

Create additional, value-added services opportunities, including delivery services around installation, implementation and operation of Tanium

Benefit from a subscription sales model designed with long-term commercial growth of accounts in mind

Accelerate profitability and grow your business

Technology Alliances

At Tanium we are highly selective when it comes to our Technology Alliance partners. We integrate with the world’s leading hardware and software companies to meet the needs of our mutual customers and enhance what we can provide across the Tanium platform. As a Technology Alliance partner, your product engineers work hand-in-hand with ours to ensure integration and deliver strategic value that goes well beyond “marketecture.”

Validated Tanium platform integrations, proven and tested by our world-class engineers:

Accelerate innovation

Speed up time to market

Provide more options for our mutual channel partners and enhance the products and services that they can provide to their customers

Managed Service Providers

Tanium Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) partners deliver Tanium-based solutions to meet ongoing client needs.

Our MSPs and MSSPs offer fully outsourced and co-managed delivery models to customers, bolstered by extensive domain expertise across critical IT systems management and security functions, from threat detection and incident response, to inventory management and patch management.

As a MSP or MSSP partner, you have:

Access to robust APIs that facilitate integration with additional tools and provide full visibility and control over any supported endpoint, from laptops and servers to cloud infrastructure

Opportunity to build and grow services portfolio and drive incremental revenue

Scalability and faster time to market while delivering predictability for your clients

Why partner with Tanium?

Unparalleled Technology

Tanium offers a proven platform for endpoint visibility and control that transforms how organizations manage and secure their computing devices with unparalleled speed and agility.


Scalable solutions that enable you to grow your business with predictability and simplicity while meeting your customers’ most demanding IT operations and security challenges

Services and Solutions

Opportunity to expand your solutions and services portfolio and build and bring value-added services for your customers.

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