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Salisbury University

Salisbury University in Maryland selects Tanium’s cloud-based solution for holistic endpoint management and compliance at scale.

The University of Salford

With Tanium, the British educational institution updates and secures 5,000 devices while eliminating the costs and complexities of five endpoint management tools.

Gwinnett County School District

Tanium helped Gwinnett County School District secure more than 12,500 laptops that leave the safety of the organization daily, closing major gaps in visibility and allowing them to be more agile.

How Education Institutions Can Reduce IT Spend

Governments are adapting to a long-term distributed workforce – and education institutions are bracing for the new normal. These shifts bring an increased need for digital services, IT infrastructure and training and a decreased budget to work with.

Reducing your educational institutions' attack surface is hard - Tanium can help.

With changes to learning in higher education and K-12 school districts, enabling IT staff to better protect educational institutions is urgent. Remote and hybrid learning have become the norm, and providing a secure environment is critical. Simple and secure digital solutions that give visibility, control and the ability to respond are key. Institutions must embrace strategies that enable online, bring-your-own-device and 24/7 learning environments while protecting sensitive institutional and student data. Department siloes and lack of resources result in gaps between IT and security teams, leaving schools open to disruption. These gaps create risk for students, teachers and administrators — making it impossible for IT to get ahead of threats.



How to Manage Investment and Mitigate Risk with the Tanium Platform


Tanium for Education

Reduce your attack surface, secure your campus and be ready to respond to threats with the unparalleled visibility, control and speed of a single platform.

Get Visibility

Reduce your risk for ransomware and malware events by having visibility into accurate data in real time about the state of your assets — their location, software running on them, issues they’re experiencing, and more.

Regain Control

With Tanium, you can take action on thousands of issues — from patching to killing processes –—quickly and with precision.

Respond Faster

Know when you’re being attacked. Tanium is built so you can find and fix security incidents with certainty in real time.

How Tanium Helped Higher Education Customers Succeed

A perfect experience in terms of the security of the network. Our network is used by almost 10,000 students daily, with some proxies and others. Traffic contained too much malicious data. But thanks to Tanium, we now have end-to-end security.

Higher Education Customer Assistant Professor, Gartner Peer Insights