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Tanium for Education

Prevent ransomware, protect student data, and get real-time visibility across school locations.

Reduce your attack surface with a single control plane for endpoint management

With one platform to manage your endpoints, you can reduce risk, automate tedious processes, optimize costs, and focus on learning outcomes.

See every endpoint

See every endpoint

See into every endpoint, managed or unmanaged, across your network with complete, accurate and real-time data.

Control every endpoint

Control every endpoint

Take control of your IT enterprise in seconds with minimal network impact, with only one Tanium agent needed.

Protect every endpoint

Protect every endpoint

Enable teams to investigate and respond to incidents in real time.

“Our university has a complex operational and security environment, and we needed a unified platform to provide a single source of truth for both our security and operations teams…It was quickly clear to us that Tanium as a Service was the only solution that enabled a holistic approach with an unmatched level of speed, scale and visibility.”

Steve Blankenship Director of Information Technology Salisbury University
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“We had a real lack of visibility into the assets across the University in our ability to patch them, manage them and make sure they were safe, secure and up to date. Tanium gave us full visibility of our assets, and with that visibility, we have been able to remediate some of the issues that we found along the way, including something in the region of 38,000 missing critical patches”

Mark Wantling Chief Information Officer University of Salford
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“A perfect experience in terms of the security of the network. Our network is used by almost 10,000 students daily, with some proxies and others. Traffic contained too much malicious data. But thanks to Tanium, we now have end-to-end security.”

Higher Education Customer Assistant Professor Gartner Peer Insights

Reduce IT complexity across school and campus locations

Reduce your attack surface with modern features.

Reclaim costs from unused software

With a full accounting of all software licenses, and who is using them, you can reclaim costs with certainty, and reinvest in student-focused programs.

Get full visibility of anything with an IP address

Scan your entire environment — on or off VPN — for endpoints connected to your network and determine if they need to be brought under management.

Protect learning outcomes by finding and fixing vulnerabilities fast

Hunt for threats and indicators of compromise, and then switch to remediation — all using one platform.

Converge IT operations and security functions

Get a single source of truth and reduce IT complexity when your teams can work from a single, accurate and real-time endpoint data set.

Automate time-consuming patching and OS updates

Free up staff time spent on manually pushing patches and updates with the ability to automate patching at scale across your district or institution.

Refocus time spent on endpoint management using legacy tools

Push and validate patches and operating system updates for macOS, Linux, and Windows devices, and see Chrome devices across your entire organization in minutes, not weeks.

Tanium for Higher Education

Reduce your IT risk, protect student, staff, and research data, and maintain compliance with full visibility across your entire campus in real time.

Tanium for K-12 School Districts

Prevent ransomware, protect student data, avoid learning disruptions and automate tedious processes involved in your IT operations and security functions.

The Power of Certainty™

Experience complete visibility over all your endpoints and perform large-scale actions within minutes from the cloud, right now.