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Agreement for Deep Instinct Products and Services

Last Updated: October 20, 2021

Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Deep Instinct products and services (“Deep Instinct Products”) are licensed and provided by Deep Instinct (USA) Inc. (“Deep Instinct”). The terms and conditions defined at: (the “Deep Instinct Terms“) will govern Customer’s use of the Deep Instinct Products.

The Deep Instinct Terms only apply to the Deep Instinct Products, and not Tanium’s products or services. If Customer orders the Deep Instinct Products and any Tanium products and services contemporaneously: (1) the Deep Instinct Products are provided by Deep Instinct to Customer solely pursuant to the Deep Instinct Terms; and (2) the Tanium products and services are provided by Tanium to Customer solely pursuant to Tanium’s agreement with Customer. Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary, the Deep Instinct Terms are solely between Customer and Deep Instinct, and Tanium is not a party to the Deep Instinct Terms, even if Tanium invoices Customer for the Deep Instinct Products.

If Customer is purchasing directly from Tanium, Tanium will invoice Customer, and Customer will pay Tanium, for the Deep Instinct Products in accordance with the payment terms set forth in the applicable quote or applicable Tanium’s agreement with Customer. If Customer orders through a Tanium authorized reseller (“Reseller”), all final terms of pricing, payment, taxes, discounts, invoicing, and shipping are solely subject to Customer’s agreement with the Reseller.

All support for the Deep Instinct Products will be provided directly by Deep Instinct in accordance with the Deep Instinct Terms.

Version October 2021

[End of Agreement]