4 Tips to Getting the Most Out of CONVERGE 2019

11.15.2019 | Louise Larsen

On Monday, we welcome over 1,000 attendees at our fourth annual user conference CONVERGE 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Here are some insider tips to get the most out of CONVERGE – and how to follow along, even if you won’t be there this time.

Tip 1: Bring Your Best Questions

“Bring some questions. Bring some real world questions, because you are going to have a chance to meet with the Technical Account Managers who are with customers every day. You are also going to meet with the product managers – and your voice has a direct impact on where we take our next updates. It is easy to come to an event with zero expectations and just see what happens. But that’s not what you want to do here. You really want to take advantage of this opportunity to meet the people behind the platform and help influence what is going to happen next.” – Ashley McGlone, Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium

Tip 2: Know What You Want To Build On

“I would try to understand how Tanium is currently implemented in the organization, and how you want to improve it. Then plan to spend your time at CONVERGE to really pick the brains of all the teams and customers that are available, and get inspiration to how you can improve your own implementation of Tanium. Even if you aren’t able to attend all of the sessions, but it is something you are interested in, grab a TAM or a customer and dive in on the topic with with.” – Harman Kaur, Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium

Tip 3: Expand Your Professional Circle

“I think one of the missed opportunities at these larger events is the realization ahead of time that you’ll meet a lot of people quite different to you. At CONVERGE there are so many opportunities to talk to someone you would not usually be around or run into, simply because you don’t run in the same circles on a daily basis. And yet, there is one thing everyone has in common – Tanium. Any person at CONVERGE might provide a new perspective, or help shift a mindset in another direction, so my advice would be to keep an open mind and engage in conversations with people outside your focus area and industry.“ – Trevor Walsh, Director of Commercial Programs at Tanium

Tip 4: Share Your Ideas, Big and Small

“The most value you can gain from any conference actually comes from the people you meet. And I say that because I’ve been to conferences earlier in my career, when I was entirely focused on the labs and presentations, and it is not that those are not valuable – they are – but when added with the value you get from meeting people, it becomes irreplaceable. You can bounce off ideas, ask them what they are doing, and building your professional networks that aligns with your focus, which all help to advance your career as well.” – Stephanie Aceves, Director Technical Account Management at Tanium

If you won’t make it to CONVERGE this year, worry not! We’ll be sharing updates throughout the event using #CONVERGE19 on social media – follow along on TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

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