5 Tanium Community Articles to Help You Improve IT Operations

11.1.2019 | Jasper Liao

The Tanium Community hosts hundreds of best practice articles. Each one is meant to help technical users achieve valuable outcomes when using Tanium. We have gathered some of our most popular and impactful articles below as a primer for those who are new to the Tanium platform or want to learn more about all you can do with Tanium.

Execute a Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 10 is so far the only OS Microsoft has released that supports an enterprise level upgrade. Rather than upgrading through a manual process done by end users, this article shows how an admin can schedule and automate a Windows 10 upgrade at enterprise scale with Tanium Deploy. Read the article here.

Find and reclaim unused software application licenses

In a large enterprise, it is easy to lose track of software application usage. When the application costs hundreds of dollars and is on the standard image on thousands of machines, reclamation becomes a major opportunity for cost savings. This article gives an example on how to do this with Tanium Core. Read the article here.

Send these 5 fundamental questions to Splunk

Using Tanium to send enriched endpoint data to Splunk is one of the most common integrations used by Tanium customers today. This can help users in several ways including: giving a “single pane of glass” view, correlating events and querying historic data. This article outlines five basic Tanium questions our customers use to provide endpoint data enrichment in Splunk, using Tanium Connect. Read the article here.

Eliminate noise from unmanaged interfaces with Discover report labels

Labels allow for making multiple iterations to group data, eliminating noise from your view, grouping common items together for action, or alerting on them in smaller, manageable bites. This article has a curated list of labels, which dynamically changes as Tanium Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and customers add what they find useful. Read the article here.

Use Trends to inventory your devices by location

Using Enhanced Tags content, Trends can provide an inventory of devices by location without the need of complex targeting that is often necessary when determining the location of an endpoint. This article demonstrates how all of the location criteria can be added to a single file, allowing each endpoint to determine which location tag it should receive. Read the article here.

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