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A Letter to CEOs on the Log4j Vulnerability

A Letter to CEOs on the Log4j Vulnerability


Dear CEO,

You’ve heard the news by now. Last week, the cybersecurity industry found yet another crack in the trusted libraries that power computing. Your entire IT team is scrambling to address that vulnerability in Log4j as you read this.

Every organization is using software built with libraries like Log4j, and we’ll keep finding issues with them that need to be fixed quickly. But the platform your IT team uses to identify and respond to these vulnerabilities needs to be accurate and timely to stay ahead of the people attacking all of us. Instead, many teams are trying to make do with tools that provide data that is inaccurate, stale, and incomplete. As a consequence, your company may be band-aiding these tools with laborious manual processes.

The only way to stay ahead of future vulnerabilities is to have perfect information about every device, with a platform that scales and adapts to today’s new problems. Tanium makes the platform trusted by the largest and most advanced organizations in the world, including the majority of the Fortune 100 and largest governments. Let us help you solve Log4j, and protect you when the next one inevitably comes.

Tanium – The Power of Certainty

Orion Hindawi

Orion Hindawi is co-founder & executive chairman of Tanium

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