A New Approach to Managing and Securing Operational Environments

6.17.2020 | Egon Rinderer, Global Vice President and Federal Chief Technology Officer

Federal agencies have transformed the way they operate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – but the significant shift has created challenges for agencies that might have already been struggling with the basic blocking and tackling of endpoint hygiene and system patching. Agencies are now required to manage an estate in which the majority of endpoints are outside the enterprise boundary while leaning on a combination of government-issued and Bring-Your-Own-Devices – increasing risk to a level never before encountered.

In a recent Homeland Security Today article, I discuss how agencies must focus their efforts on improving security and reducing risk to support remote work.

Employees who use remote endpoints require access to the data residing behind the enterprise network perimeter. At the same time, IT administrators need to gain visibility into each endpoint so they can update security and operations policies as needed.

Due to the increase in devices connecting to government networks externally, agencies need to have strong and adaptable cyber hygiene to maintain productivity, security and safety.

In order for agencies to mitigate the inherent risk of a distributed workforce, IT administrators should consider a radical approach to managing and securing operational environments.

Legacy tools and disjointed point solutions, by necessity, artificially constrain the breadth of risk factors in order to make them more easily addressable. Tanium takes a holistic approach, delivering a unified endpoint management and security platform that gives agencies accurate data on their environment in real time. This allows administrators to truly understand and prioritize risks and enable powerful, flexible remediation capabilities at any scale.

By integrating fast incident response capabilities throughout the distributed workforce, Tanium’s platform helps agencies safeguard data against unknown, or more likely previously unidentified, risk and privacy concerns. As a result, agencies can gain visibility and control across their environment, reduce the number of help desk calls, and enable needed third-party tool adoption to strengthen security.

Read the full article, our Distributed Workforce Solution Paper, and contact us to learn more about how Tanium provides agencies with a modern approach for end-to-end visibility across end users, servers, and cloud endpoints.

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