Advancing Federal Technology Risk Management in the Distributed Workforce

9.16.2020 | Ralph Kahn, Vice President of Federal, Tanium

Today’s networks – and the devices connecting to them – are more distributed, more diverse and more difficult to manage than ever before. This introduces a critical need for a comprehensive picture of endpoints.
Federal agencies are evaluated by the speed with which they respond to critical and high-risk vulnerabilities. As agencies move to various clouds and employees continue to work across devices, IT teams need more controls in place to ensure data is secure.

New approach to managing risk

As part of the Federal News Network Survey, I discuss the need for federal agencies to take an enterprise approach to managing cyber risk, and how doing so can improve an agency’s cybersecurity posture and services provided to citizens.

Technology Risk Management (TRM) is the process of applying risk management methods to the range of technology an organization utilizes in a digital business (i.e. cloud, IoT, mobile). TRM also requires agencies to take calculated risks with both existing and new technologies, while confirming preparedness for the event when technology risk arises.

TRM enables IT teams to make faster risk management decisions by integrating directly with management and security activities. As a result, IT teams can move with more agility to cost-effectively reduce the likelihood of disruptions from occurring in the networks.

Protecting agency networks is critical – as keeping sensitive data and information safe is vital for mission success. Agencies need confidence in the data they collect and store, so leaders can check threats, address vulnerabilities and make informed decisions.

Enabling better decision-making

Federal IT decision-makers need a new approach to TRM that simplifies the complexity of the networks and technology they rely on to meet the needs of the distributed workforce. Everyone needs real-time insights to help translate technology risk to business risk through industry-defined benchmarks. The result is the ability to make better, fully-informed decisions.

To learn more about technology risk management, check out both the Federal News Network Survey featuring insight from federal business and IT leaders.

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