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Announcing Tanium Benchmark 2.6

Streamlining IT operations and bolstering your cybersecurity posture

Module Deep Dive

Tanium Benchmark 2.6 is here, and it’s set to revolutionize the way you monitor and manage endpoint risk and compliance. This newest version of Benchmark delivers significant enhancements and new features designed to increase operational efficiency and strengthen your cybersecurity posture. This new release will provide IT operations and cybersecurity professionals with an enhanced toolset for better visibility into the health and security of all endpoints across their enterprise. With the ability to target statistics and findings for specific regions, locations, or networks, it will enable a more tailored and actionable approach to risk management. In practice, this means that teams can now pivot from high-level metrics to detailed analysis and action with greater ease.

The Benefits of Benchmark 2.6

In-Depth Analysis Tools

Customers can now utilize new metric drill-down pages for 26 existing metrics providing a deeper analysis of operations and security metrics. This feature enables a comprehensive view of changes over time and how they measure up against organizational goals, helping to pinpoint areas needing attention. These drill-down pages not only facilitate in-depth analysis of specific findings but also integrate improved workflows that allow a seamless transition from Benchmark to other Tanium modules for deeper investigative and remediation actions.

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 1

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 1


Streamlined Workflows

Tanium Benchmark 2.6 revolutionizes IT and security operations by streamlining their ability to conduct in-depth analysis with ease. The newly enhanced metric drill-down pages come with comprehensive tables that empower users to smoothly transition from overarching metric summaries to detailed investigations, without friction. In practical terms, this means that teams monitoring patch compliance can quickly identify non-compliant devices and drill deeper into critical patches. They can then act promptly, leveraging the direct access to Tanium Patch for immediate remediation. This update not only boosts operational efficiency but also enriches the comprehension of IT and security postures. As a result, it promotes smarter decision-making and establishes a proactive stance in managing the endpoint landscape across the enterprise.

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 2

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 2

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Enhancing the strategic capabilities of IT risk management, the latest update to Tanium Benchmark introduces Risk Assessment Dashboards, a key upgrade to the Tanium Risk Assessment (TRA) toolkit. These dashboards, readily accessible from the Benchmark home page, provide an intuitive and centralized platform for customers to assess and navigate IT operational and security risks with precision. In alignment with the TRA’s structured approach and in sync with respected benchmarks such as CISA’s known exploited vulnerabilities metrics, the dashboards display an organized collection of data segments that include: Inventory, CISA Known Vulnerability Metrics, Vulnerability Management, Patch Management, Software Management and Distribution, and Asset Health and Security. This provides a comprehensive and in-depth perspective of an organization’s risk profile.

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 3

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 3

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 4

Benchmark 2.6 Screenshot 4

What’s Next?

As we roll out Tanium Benchmark 2.6, we invite all Tanium Benchmark customers to explore the full list of features and enhancements detailed in the release notes. This release underscores our commitment to providing our clients with advanced tools for maintaining robust and resilient IT operations and cybersecurity defenses.

Tanium Benchmark 2.6 is now available for all Tanium Benchmark Customers!

  • Cloud Customers received access to Tanium Benchmark 2.6 on November 8, 2023
  • On-premises Customers received access on November 28, 2023.
  • Please Note: Tanium Cloud or Tanium Platform 7.5 is required to utilize this latest release.

Benchmark 2.6 constitutes a significant enhancement to Tanium’s analytical and reporting prowess, empowering users with a potent suite of tools for early risk detection and strategic defense planning. This release is more than just an incremental update; it’s an essential evolution in your IT operations and cybersecurity toolkit, designed to offer increased control and insight, empowering your business to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

For more information, a complete list of new features and enhancements is available in the release notes.

Learn more about Benchmark on the Tanium Resource Center or our Benchmark product page.

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