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Announcing Tanium Guardian

Insights and recommendations to stay ahead of emerging security issues

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Introduced at Converge ’23, Tanium Guardian offers a refined user experience with an enhanced interface that brings critical and actionable insights from Emerging Issues content to the forefront. The integration of Guardian notifications and dashboards into the Tanium Console ensures a seamless and comprehensive view, highlighting early threat information and the latest updates and identifying specific endpoints that may be compromised. Additionally, it provides pertinent security content and recommendations for threat mitigation. Leveraging the insights provided by Guardian, coupled with the capabilities to oversee, manage, and rectify endpoint vulnerabilities on a large scale through Tanium XEM, enables security and IT teams to act swiftly and collaboratively. This concerted response is key in maintaining an edge over the evolving threat landscape.

Emerging issues content and insights shared via Guardian are prepared by the Tanium Vulnerability Emergency Response Team (VERT). VERT, a Tanium-led collaboration between Tanium security experts, industry partners, and customers, develops and shares high-fidelity information about new, emerging issues for early visibility and faster response. VERT content and insights related to emerging issues are available today via Tanium Feed notifications and activity pages within the Tanium Console.

The release of Tanium Guardian provides a significant advantage to teams tasked with protecting their vast array of endpoints. Guardian demonstrates Tanium’s strong commitment to continuous security development and robust customer support so that security and IT operations teams can stay ahead of emerging issues and respond to threats more effectively.

Tanium Guardian is a direct result of customer feedback and a shared mission to hunt, triage, and respond to security threats faster. The threats we face today are increasing in numbers and complexity, and our attack surface continues to grow. Guardian gives customers specific, actionable information about endpoints within their environment that are susceptible to attack, along with tailored recommendations and guidance to secure them, all in a single, unified view.

Melissa Bischoping, Director of Endpoint Security Research

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