Application Visibility and Control with vArmour and Tanium

2.24.2020 | Noah Ludington

Tanium’s integration with vArmour

At Tanium, our ecosystem of trusted and experienced partners helps enterprises and government organizations around the world solve today’s most difficult security, compliance and IT operations challenges. Today we’re highlighting an integration with vArmour, announced this past week, that helps customers easily reduce operational and cybersecurity risk through active visibility and control of application relationships.

Cloud applications are interconnected and dynamic in nature, and it’s increasingly difficult to identify and map out the relationships among them, let alone protect them.

By taking network telemetry and additional metadata from Tanium and feeding it into the vArmour Application Controller, customers are able to benefit from application relationship visibility on all endpoints, consistent policies around application connectivity and consistent enforcement of those policies.

How Tanium and vArmour are better together

The vArmour Application Controller ingests data from Tanium, and uses it to build a centralized understanding of application relationships. It then can automatically generate intent-based policies around the context of these applications and leverage Tanium for enforcement.

In short, our joint customers will now have:

  • Application relationship visibility for bare metal, virtual and other endpoint systems: Clear visibility into application relationships on Tanium-monitored endpoints and any other IT and security infrastructure
  • Baseline Application Behaviors: Compute and continuously measure application behavior baselines, and alert of violations of those baselines
  • Automated Security Policy Computation and Management: Create, monitor and enforce endpoint communications policies for risk, regulatory, or compliance requirements.

For more information on this integration, watch this demo video, reach out to us on ​[email protected]​, or come visit the Tanium Lounge during RSA at Hotel Zetta, 55 5th Street in San Francisco.

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