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Be Coordinated. Be Coherent. Be Fast and Have No Regrets.

Businesses are being forced to innovate, reinvent themselves and transform the way they operate in order to improve resilience, become more efficient and recoup their losses due to COVID-19.

Inspired by the words of Dr. Michael Ryan, World Health Organization (WHO) Executive Director of Health Emergencies, I see relational similarities, alongside valuable learnings in the management of the current health crisis that have the potential to strengthen our approach to the collective fight against cyber-crime and improve the incident response procedures that ensue.

Dr. Ryan has been at the forefront of managing acute risks to global health for nearly 20 years. He has a track record of leadership and innovation in tackling epidemics such as polio, ebola and other public health emergencies. During a recent press conference discussing coronavirus Dr. Ryan was asked about emergency response learnings from his involvement in previous ebola outbreaks.

His reply: “You need to react quickly. You must interrupt the chains of transmission. . . Community acceptance is hugely important. You need to be coordinated. You need to be coherent. . . Be fast and have no regrets.”

The same could be said in the context of a cyberattack where speed is vital to minimize business impact. Unified collaboration between security and IT operations teams is critical to ensure a coherent and coordinated response. Good hygiene and accurate data are equally as important to stop the spread and provide visibility over transmission.

This is why I joined Tanium. When the stakes are high and speed is of the essence, Tanium is the right choice to facilitate fast emergency and incident response. Our patented linear chain architecture delivers unparalleled speed to enable customers to act fast and fix issues at scale. Tanium’s unified platform delivers coordinated, cross-functional response capabilities for both security and IT operations teams. The single Tanium agent transmits accurate data providing a trusted source of truth for informed decision making.

Major General Chris Weggeman, Commander of the United States Airforce and Air Forces Cyber, cites his work with Tanium as being “truly revolutionary”. In his presentation on Military Cyber Programs & Posture to the Senate Armed Services Committee and Subcommittee on Cyber Security he credits Tanium for providing his operator’s the ability to perform vulnerability management, incident response, system health diagnostics, and asset identification and optimization in a matter of seconds to minutes versus days and weeks. The Airforce called this capability ARAD – Automated Remediation and Asset Discovery. The

ARAD team was awarded the 2016 DoD CIO Award for Cyber and Information Technology Excellence for their pioneering innovation powered by Tanium.

Be it health, defense or cyber-related, the theme of speed is synonymous with effective emergency response. How will your business revolutionize itself? Will innovations around speed be on your agenda?

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