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Building a Winning Business Case: CONVERGE Q&A With Trevor Walsh

During CONVERGE 2019Trevor Walsh, Director of Commercial Programs at Tanium, will introduce a range of customers on stage, sharing how they built their business case for Tanium. We met with Trevor ahead of CONVERGE for an insightful Q&A.

Describe what you do:

I have multi-headed kind of roles here at Tanium, one of which is being part of the ROI/Value team. In this role, I engage with customers about the value of deploying Tanium and how to put financial quantification around that. This can be with anyone, from a new customer that is in its early phase of proof-of-concept, or with a longtime customer looking to expand. Every next step with Tanium usually requires an internal business case for our customers, and I help them clarify the justifications on who, why and what. It’s very much a team sport with the customer – you have everyone contributing to this from the customer and across Tanium teams.

Without spoiler alerts, what can you share with us today about your upcoming CONVERGE session?

We started doing ROI-focused breakout sessions at CONVERGE for the first time in 2018. This year, we’re doing it again, but with very specific customer cases. We’re going to go one level deeper and kind of peel back the onion a little bit to have actual use cases around Tanium and how an organization derives value from its Tanium deployment, in financial terms. This year, we’ll introduce the customers in their sessions, but then let them show and tell themselves. I’m excited about this as we have some really knowledgeable customers taking the stage.

Why is it important to discuss how to build business cases today?

For an organization that does not hold the internal resources and is in need of help to provide justification to their procurement team or CFO, we assist them and help build these business cases. We work with them to develop a model for their use case, or their set of use cases and then hand over a finished justification package. The goal is to empower our Tanium champions to articulate what the value is, the why behind what they are doing and how they can quantify the before and after story – then you have a documented business case as a foundation. And the business case is not only relevant today, but also in the future. For example, if leadership changes, then you can use your documented business case as a tool to share where you are at and why.

What other CONVERGE 2019 Breakout or Technical Lab Session would you attend?

Anything associated with the newer modules to stay current on the technological and business opportunities available. I’d recommend Tanium Reveal and Tanium Performance sessions and any of the Product Roadmap sessions to get ahead of what’s coming down the line. This way, you can start having conversations where these new capabilities can really drive value for your organization and start building a business case and plan around the expansion of the Tanium platform.

What’s the one thing you hope attendees will walk away with after they’ve attended CONVERGE 2019?

Excitement. Excitement for what we are currently doing and what you have seen we can do and where we are going. And then the realization of value they have gained up to this point and what the potential value will be for them in the near and far future.

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