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Converge 2020 Is Here!

We’re about ready to kick off our annual user conference Converge, happening this week from Monday, November 16 to Wednesday, November 18. At Converge 2020, we’ll be celebrating the age of the endpoint in this new era of remote work and virtual business.

The world is certainly very different today than during our last Converge event. But it is also one in which Tanium is arguably even more relevant to any organization. Tanium can play a key role helping businesses reconfigure their operations to respond to today’s realities. 

As the world stayed home, we stepped up during the early days of the pandemic crisis to help our customers rapidly adapt their IT and security operations. Thanks to their incredible efforts and our unique capabilities, many of the world’s leading organizations were able to regain visibility and control where they needed it most: at the endpoint.

Increasingly today, business begins at the edge of the network — which is why securing and managing endpoints has never been more important. At Converge, you’ll hear from Tanium, our customers and our partners about why intelligence belongs at the edge, how you can bring greater speed and agility to your organization, and what the next decade holds for endpoint management and security. 

Endpoints in the Spotlight

While our user conference will be a completely virtual event this year, like all Converge conferences it will be packed with keynotes, breakouts and hand-on labs sessions for helping you develop the best strategies, tactics and know-how for better managing and protecting your organization’s devices and data.

It’s been an extraordinary year in so many ways for us and our customers. Converge will give you an opportunity to hear more about our key partnerships with Google, and others, as well as major product enhancements, including the introduction of our new zero infrastructure offering, Tanium as a Service.

Whether you’ve come to experience Tanium first-hand or find inspiration from leading-edge experts, there’s something for everyone. 

Our exceptional keynote line-up this year includes:

Founder’s Vision (Orion Hindawi, Tanium CEO): 

Vision is not just about seeing the future, it’s about shaping it. Tanium’s co-founder and CEO will reveal how the company anticipated the challenges of today when it was launched back in 2007. He’ll share his vision for the industry and the future of Tanium.

The Future of Your Workforce (Orion Hindawi and Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM, Trailhead, Salesforce):

Current ITSM tools are no longer fit-for-purpose in a post-pandemic, remote working world. We’ll hear how Tanium and Salesforce have built a new employee service platform to maximize IT productivity, enhance the employee support experience, and accelerate incident resolution.

The Future of the Tanium Platform (Pete Constantine, Chief Product Officer)

It’s been another milestone year in the development of the Tanium platform, with innovations in the user experience and the launch of Tanium as a Service. Hear more about these exciting announcements and future developments in the pipeline. 

The Cloud-First Future (Howard Bovill, SVP of Cloud Platform, IBM)

Cloud computing is the key to unlocking business agility, but organizations in heavily regulated industries are struggling to migrate workloads with full visibility, control and compliance. Howard will share his perspective as former CTO of Bank of America and discuss how IBM is partnering with Tanium to help all kinds of organizations move to the cloud. 

Public + Private Sector Collaboration Is the Future of Cybersecurity (Ret. U.S. Army General Keith Alexander; Thomas Stanley, CRO, Tanium)

As former head of the NSA and U.S. Cyber Command, General Alexander is one of America’s most influential figures of the past two decades. Hear his thoughts on the current geopolitical and threat landscape, and learn his advice for organizations hoping to chart a course to safety.

Leading at the Edge Panel (Moderated by Amelia Forrest Kaye, VP, Customer Experience, Tanium)

The time for “just surviving” has passed. Organizations must now look forward to thriving in a post-pandemic world. Tanium customers will discuss how they’re going to lead from the front by evolving IT operations, security and compliance for this new era.

The Future of Cybersecurity From a Friendly Hacker’s Perspective (Keren Elazari, noted security researcher and analyst)

How can organizations keep pace with an enemy that is constantly innovating? Elazari will discuss emerging security threats, new attack vectors and techniques, and discover strategies for enhancing cyber-resilience.

Beyond Zero Trust (Sunil Potti, VP & GM, Google Cloud)

Google pioneered the first zero trust infrastructure, and now it’s working to extend the concept beyond its own network. You’ll hear how zero trust is the strategy for a new world of distributed and remote operations, and what you need to do to get there.

Future State: 5G, AI, and the Intelligent Edge (Cristiano Amon, President, Qualcomm; Mark Fields, former CEO, Ford Motor Company)

Whether it’s smart buildings or autonomous vehicles, 5G and AI are the keys to unlocking value at the enterprise edge. Hear from two industry leaders about how organizations can make the most of these promising technology advancements.

The Art of Growing When You Want To Give Up  (Jay Shetty, award-winning speaker and former monk; Chris Pick, CMO, Tanium)

Failure can be a springboard to success if you know how to adapt and pivot effectively. At a time of tremendous uncertainty, this kind of resilience has never been more important. You’ll hear how it can be nurtured with the right kind of collaborative approach.

See You at Converge!

These keynotes are just a small sample of all the great insights and information available at Converge 2020 through our presentations, breakout sessions and hands-on labs. 

We hope you will be joining us to learn more about the age of the endpoint and how you can transform your organization for this new era of business.

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