Design Consistency Creates Efficiency

9.17.2018 | Stuart Woods

Solving real-word customer problems

Our goal at Tanium is to provide solutions to real-world customer problems. The goal of our User Experience (UX) Design Team is to allow customers to solve those problems as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Often what other companies promote as a “platform solution” is little more than a patchwork of disparate products cobbled together through acquisition, outsourcing and other less than ideal means. This leads to a fractured user experience, forcing customers to grapple with learning many different product solutions to accomplish a single business goal.

Take for example a user’s goal to identify systems susceptible to a vulnerability, assess evidence of whether it has been exploited and take remedial action via patching and configuration changes. In a patchwork solution, these distinct tasks mean a user has to navigate through a labyrinth of very different products, creating a frustrating, inefficient workflow that wastes both the user’s time and the business’s money.

At Tanium, we design our platform to provide consistent and effective experiences, ensuring that IT operations and security practitioners of all backgrounds and skill levels can be effective. As a recent example, we introduced enhancements to our module home pages to give users more actionable metrics, focus their attention on critical tasks and empower them to truly harness the power of Tanium.

Design-based efficiency

On our newly redesigned home pages you’ll find guidance on how to get started along with best practices for getting the most from your modules.

Use the Health component to ensure your module is working as intended and to help troubleshoot any issues that do occur.

As you continue to utilize the modules, components such as Metrics, Activity and Reports will provide guidance on how the modules are interacting with your environment.

In similar fashion, be on the lookout for upcoming and continual changes to enhance your product experience such as streamlined product workflows and refined visuals. For example, recent updates to the application’s home page and Tanium™ Deploy make it easier to find the information and resources you need to retrieve accurate data and take action across the entire span of your environment..

Our redesigned application home page allows you quickly jump right into asking questions or navigate to the product you need.

Deploy is a more recent addition to our platform product suite, giving you the power to rapidly install, update and remove software across your organization.

Deploy’s Software page allows you to quickly identify at a glance the software that needs your attention.

Drilling down into a software detail page, you’ll get the information you need to troubleshoot issues and take action to deploy and update software across your environment at Tanium speed.

Once you’ve deployed the software, you can easily keep track of its progress within the Deployments page.

As Tanium continues to grow its product offerings to meet our customers’ needs, the UX team will continue to listen to our customers to provide you a consistent, cohesive user experience. We understand that our products need to solve a diverse set of problems and that the best product solutions to those problems come from learning and growing together with our customers.

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About the Author: Stuart Woods is a User Experience Designer on Tanium’s User Experience Design Team, working primarily on Comply, Integrity Monitor and Protect. Having worked for the past 12 years in a variety of domains, he is driven by a desire to help people solve problems through useful and intuitive design solutions. Stuart joined Tanium for the opportunity to make a real impact in people’s lives by helping to solve the critical security issues facing the world today.