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Digital Employee Experience (DEX) - Tanium Tech Talks #68

Learn more about Tanium Digital Employee Experience (DEX), including time- and labor-saving updates to our Engage module and Performance modules


Seasoned IT admins know there are times in your day when the requirements get fuzzy and you need end-user cooperation to complete your objective. But how do you do that at scale? How do you know who is affected? How do you know when it is complete? Enter Tanium’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solution.

  • What if you could detect and remediate a workstation health issue before the user called the help desk?
  • When automation is not an option, how do you get all the users to “click here” and confirm they did it?
  • How do you prioritize hardware refresh for the users most impacted by their current system?
  • How do you get specific users to respond to a survey about IT services?

Challenges like these turn into long days and often seem impossible. But now with Tanium’s new Engage module and Performance module enhancements, you can finally reach that last mile of endpoint visibility and control. Which of these capabilities could you have used last week?

  • Empower users with self-service remediation at just the right time on just the right systems
  • Target surveys based on endpoint performance and/or computer groups
  • Track user sentiment over time for the issues important to your organization
  • Optimize hardware budget toward the systems with the greatest need
  • Automate top help desk tickets
  • And more

Learn more about Tanium’s Digital Employee Experience solution or get a personalized demo today.

Ashley McGlone

Technology strategist, joined Tanium in 2017, host of Tanium Tech Talks, enjoys advocating for customers, getting in the weeds of tech, and retro licorice.

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