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Do You Know How Your Employees Feel About Their Digital Employee Experience?

15 ways Tanium can help you deliver digital employee experiences that delight instead of frustrate and disappoint

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It’s pretty clear the COVID pandemic turned our definition of the “workplace” upside down. The workplace has moved. It’s wherever work gets done. In an office, at home, in a café, on the road. Sophisticated digital technology makes that possible. But it also provides a lot of room for the work lives of employees to be frustrating and unproductive when that technology fails or underperforms.

For many employees, their digital employee experience IS their work experience and it’s become their only means to interact with colleagues and the job itself. In fact, it’s increasingly the only work experience they know. Further, in a competitive job market, talented employees are more willing than ever to look at other opportunities, jumping ship when that experience is getting in the way of their success and growth as an employee.

It’s no longer sustainable for IT decision-making to be based on technical factors alone. Employers need to know how employees feel about their digital employee experiences. And they need the tools to do something about it when the verdict is, “I’d rather get a root canal than call support.”

How can Tanium help?

Tanium’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solution delivers a simple, end-to-end solution that gives you the visibility and controls to monitor, manage, and improve your digital employee experiences. You’ll have happier, more productive employees, which includes your IT support team, who would love to be able to catch a breath between trouble tickets and support calls.

Watch this short demo video to see it in action. 

There are three areas in which Tanium can help employers bridge the employee-IT gap.


Keep your employees focused on the part of the job they love the most — delivering high-impact results. Tanium monitors for, locates, and resolves the most common experience issues on your endpoints and applications, no matter where they live and at any scale.

  1. Evaluate endpoints and applications in real time to ensure they’re healthy, performant, and in use.
  2. Monitor performance metrics like hardware resource consumption, CPU utilization, disk latency, and application crashes.
  3. Notify employees when an experience threshold occurs and provide them with automated self-remediation to fix the issue on their own.
  4. Remotely resolve performance issues on employee assets without disrupting their workday.
  5. Take advantage of historical and current performance data to offer context and insights on asset issues and optimization.


Improve how your employees feel about their digital employee experience and work IT is doing to improve them. With Tanium, you can create custom sentiment surveys enabling you to create a bidirectional feedback loop between employees and IT.

  1. Engage directly and proactively with your employees to learn how and where to improve their digital employee experience.
  2. Produce custom surveys to gauge how employees feel about their endpoint and application performance.
  3. Determine if your automation and self-help workflows are successfully resolving issues.
  4. Notify users about how they can better take advantage of their digital employee experience.
  5. Create qualitative and quantitative feedback loops to measure and improve employee satisfaction with their digital employee experience.
  6. Notify users of important changes to their digital employee experience

“I’ve spent my entire career focusing on end-user experience and trying to get vendors and organizations to prioritize it, so I really like seeing tools like Tanium’s Digital Employee Experience coming to the marketplace to help keep end users happy and productive while lightening the load on IT departments.” — Gabe Knuth, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.


Reduce help desk calls by solving issues before they create downtime. Tanium helps IT proactively identify and fix experience issues and give employees self-service tools to fix issues on their own.


  1. Initiate self-service remediation actions, workflows, notifications, and surveys to employees based on threshold triggers.
  2. Target notifications, surveys and self-service actions to specific employee groups to ensure they receive only those that are applicable to their role and/or assets.
  3. Integrate with ServiceNow to help expedite cases where the service desk must get involved.
  4. Identify patterns in performance indicators to help resolve systemic issues and manage the impact of changes like patches.
  5. Take IT’s focus off reactive firefighting and give them time to focus on higher-level strategic responsibilities.

Tanium — a powerful, unified solution for DEX

With Tanium’s DEX solution IT gets all of the capabilities they need to deliver digital employee experiences that always delight and are always at their best. And they get it in a unique solution that brings together the worlds of DEX, and Unified Endpoint Management, all in a fully integrated converged endpoint management solution that reduces costs and the complexity of your environment.

Join us on May 17 for a webinar with special guest Andrew Hewitt, Senior Analyst at Forrester, to hear the trends in the end-user experience management market and learn the use cases where DEX has proven value. You’ll also get to see a demo of Tanium’s DEX solution. Register now.

To learn more, download our DEX solution brief. Or let us show you how Tanium’s DEX solution monitors your employees’ digital performance and sentiment and proactively resolves the issues you uncover. Request a demo.

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