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Elevating Your Partnership: The Tanium Partner Accreditation Program

Our accreditation program opens new avenues for partnership and revenue opportunities while driving end-user satisfaction and overall partner success

Partner Spotlight

Partners are key to Tanium’s business strategy and ongoing success. Our robust Tanium Partner Advantage program supports Value-Added Resellers (VAR), Advisory and Consulting partners, Managed Service Providers (MSP), and Professional Services Providers. To ensure successful deployments and integrations for our share customers that lead to our partners’ long-term revenue growth and services expansion, we constantly look for ways to enhance the value that the program delivers. Accreditation by partner companies plays a key role in partnership success for both Tanium and our partners.

“We are very focused on our partners’ success in helping their customers navigate the challenges of digital-transformation initiatives and hybrid work models that are changing the way we work and live and how our businesses operate,” says Tanium SVP Partner Sales, Todd Palmer. “Our strategy is to focus our resources on what we do best as technology innovator. We do not want to be a services firm and are partnering with firms that excel in this arena. Accreditation empowers participants to confidently deliver Tanium services and the XEM platform, which play an important role in reducing complexity and cost while simultaneously decreasing risk to growing attack surfaces.”

What is Accreditation?

Today’s explosion of endpoints has left resource-strapped IT departments stretched beyond reasonable limits. So, they’ve outsourced or augmented their teams responsible for the deployment, integration, and optimization of technology like Tanium. The Tanium accreditation program educates partners on the proper deployment and support of Tanium-powered services, solutions, and integrations. Once a client, by the very nature of the Tanium platform and the variety of solutions and use cases it supports, it creates an ongoing annuity stream for those partners for customers needing additional services and support as their adoption of Tanium grows.

Partners who achieve Tanium accreditation meet stringent criteria requirements, complete relevant knowledge checks, and successfully pass an evaluation that ensures end-user satisfaction and Tanium standards will be fully met.

“In terms of the uniqueness of our partnership with Tanium [over] the past eight years, it’s really [been] the approach of working with the client,” said Aniket Bhardwaj VP of Global Incident Response and Threat Management at Charles River Associates, one of Tanium’s first accredited partners. “The client sees the value that [we are] not just putting a product in [their] environment. [We are] actually working on solving a gap that we all know we have out there.”

Type of Accreditations: Deployment & Support

The purpose of the program is to ensure end-user satisfaction through an expert partner ecosystem. These experts can receive accreditation in two areas:

  • Deployment: Tanium-powered services, solutions, and modules are to be properly installed and implemented, and free of issues or defects.
  • Support: Partner ensures post-deployment care and attention for reported issues or problems in a timely manner.

Accreditation is our standard for measuring and identifying partners with the means and capabilities of achieving those goals.

Partners awarded accreditation may choose to sell and deliver their own Tanium services directly to the end-user or may be eligible to receive subcontracting work for their services delivery from Tanium, other partners, or distributors.

“We are thrilled to achieve Tanium Accredited Deployment Partner status and become one of only a few IT system integrators in North America to obtain Support and Deployment Accreditations from Tanium,” said Brian Kennedy, CTO, Intelligent Operations, CDI. “These achievements are a testament to our deep technical expertise and commitment to helping our customers meet their objectives. We see Tanium as a strategic platform for our clients to both rationalize existing fragmented tooling and deliver cutting-edge capabilities for endpoint management and security. We look forward to evolving our successful partnership with Tanium and bringing further innovative service offerings to our clients around Unified Endpoint Management.”

Benefits of Accreditation

With accreditation, you move to the head of the class. Tanium technical proficiency will allow you to better support your customers, identify new business opportunities, be invited to participate in opportunities that require a partner’s unique expertise, and deliver innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Accreditation is a market differentiator that will give your company a competitive advantage. Accredited partners receive official recognition from Tanium, including the use of our accreditation badges to use on your marketing collateral. This endorsement not only differentiates partners from their competitors in the market or RFP’s, but it also instills customer confidence. Accreditation showcases your commitment to quality, excellence, and industry-leading practices. You can even tout your status on Tanium’s Partner Finder.

Finally, accredited partners can unlock a host of benefits, including co-marketing opportunities and priority access to Tanium sales and technical support teams. These advantages foster stronger collaboration between Tanium and our partners, resulting in accelerated sales cycles, increased deal sizes, and higher customer satisfaction rates.

Steps to Accreditation

Now to the meat and potatoes. As I mentioned before, there are two types of accreditations: deployment and support. You can choose to receive accreditation in one or both.

Diagram of Tanium Partner Service Accreditation Path.

Diagram of Tanium Partner Service Accreditation Path. Note: Some prerequisites are Web-Based Training (WBT), and some are Instructor-Led Training (ILT).

Tanium Partner Service Accreditation Path Curricula

Tanium Partner Service Accreditation Path Curricula

Next Steps

Is accreditation right for your team? In September 2022, we had nine partners who were fully Accredited in Support or Deployment. In June 2023, we have 76, a whopping 844% increase in nine months. That’s a testament to the quality of the program and its outstanding results. It’s also an indication of the thirst amongst partner agencies for this type of training.

If you and your team are interested, please reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

For general program questions or to become a Tanium partner, email: [email protected]

For access to the Partner Portal, email: [email protected]

For questions about partner enablement, training, and certifications, email: [email protected]

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