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Differentiate your business and accelerate growth with Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow

For a competitive advantage, transform agent, customer, and employee experiences with proactive incident management via self-service software management and real-time incident remediation.

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Improving the experience for customers and end-users is important, but even more important is achieving a superior total experience, in which better agent and digital employee experiences (DEX) in turn improve customer experience (CX). A new Tanium offering, Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow, can help you do just that.

Improving the total experience is a powerful way for your organization to gain a competitive advantage. TX transformation can help your organization raise IT productivity, strengthen your data privacy and security, and bolster both employee and customer retention. Improved IT agent satisfaction and productivity drive better employee experiences across the organization, which in turn leads to improved customer outcomes, reduced churn, higher satisfaction, and increased revenue.

All of this matters. By 2024, organizations providing a Total Experience will soon outperform their competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both customer and employee experience, predicts research and advisory firm Gartner®*.

Satisfied employees and customers stay engaged, and that can save your organization money. The cost of acquiring a new customer is on average five times more than that of retaining an existing customer. That means a mere 5% increase in customer retention can increase an organization’s profitability by a whopping 75%, according to digital marketing firm Smart Insights.

With these facts in mind, leading organizations look to improve the productivity of their IT agents. They know this can dramatically improve TX, leading to better outcomes, higher satisfaction, and greater retention.

Is your organization IT ready?

However, many leaders face a serious challenge. While IT plays an important role in TX transformation, few organizations are either ready or able to provide it.

Consider a recent survey of 1,000 executives, conducted by ServiceNow and research firm ThoughtLab. Nearly half the respondents said that when it comes to providing the technology and data needed to transform TX, they’ve been ineffective.

Older IT tools don’t really help, either. Many rely on poorly integrated toolsets and legacy knowledge of how everything works together, meaning they have difficulty addressing all their data.

Plus, today’s dynamic IT environment, marked by remote work and distributed technology, has made life for the IT department more challenging. In the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid work – with staff sometimes in the office, sometimes at home – as well as cloud-based solutions are part of the new normal.

XEM integration

The good news is that Tanium has been working on a solution. We’ve integrated our industry-leading Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform with ServiceNow.

This combination gives your organization unparalleled visibility into your endpoints, including real-time information about configuration changes, vulnerabilities, and other critical factors. It also empowers you to proactively remediate incidents to improve overall agent and user experiences.

With Tanium and ServiceNow, your employees and customers can enjoy:

  • Greater visibility into every endpoint that powers your organization’s IT infrastructure. This includes real-time monitoring and advanced reporting.
  • The ability to proactively identify and remediate incidents before they become problems, using automated and integrated alerts in workflows.
  • Minimized ticket creation and freed-up agent capacity, achieved by empowering end users to self-service and spend less time troubleshooting, so that they can refocus on tasks that better leverage their expertise and provide more value to the business.
  • Improved IT support performance and compliance with automated software deployments, entitlements, and license management.
  • Targeted identification of risks, reduced assessment and remediation timelines, and minimized impact from outages.

Real-time excellence

Tanium Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow drives increased agent productivity. This can yield impactful employee and customer experiences with proactive incident management and real-time remediation.

Its many use cases include the ability for agents to proactively remediate issues starting from a ServiceNow ticket with Tanium Introspect integration and Tanium Live UI. Enable employees to spend less time waiting on requests with fully automated software licensing and deployments through service catalog requests with Tanium Deploy for Client Software Distribution (CSD) 2.0.

Tanium TX empowers the real-time identification of unauthorized changes to files and registries with Tanium’s Integrity Monitor for Unauthorized Change. It can also seamlessly detect and alert IT service/security agents about non-compliant or unauthorized configurations to your managed assets. Best of all, they can do this before an employee becomes aware of an issue and calls the help desk.

Tanium Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow is fully integrated with major third-party tools. These include tools for client software deployment, security operations and event management.

Learn more about how Tanium Total Experience (TX) for ServiceNow can help your organization gain a competitive advantage with greater visibility into endpoints, improved agent productivity, and better-satisfied employees and customers.

To learn more, download our TX for ServiceNow solution brief. Or let us show you how Tanium’s DEX solution monitors your employees’ digital performance and sentiment and proactively resolves the issues you uncover. Request a demo.

*(Source) The Total Experience Strategy for Better Retail Digital Interactions, Gartner.

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

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