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Endpoint Configuration Management - Tanium Tech Talks #83

In this episode of Tanium Tech Talks, Ashley welcomes Tanium product manager Danny Hallberg to discuss how to roll out endpoint tool upgrades with Tanium cloud


What is endpoint change management?

Endpoint change management is a Tanium cloud capability that allows Tanium cloud users to control the deployment of endpoint tools and client extensions in a staged manner. Tanium cloud lets customers create up to five rings of endpoints that receive the tool updates in different time frames, with the option to pause, promote, or apply hot fixes as needed.

The problem of change management

IT organizations have change management requirements and policies that prevent them from installing new tools or extensions on all their endpoints at the same time, which could cause disruptions or conflicts. For example, some tools or extensions may require testing, approval, or compatibility checks before deployment. Moreover, some endpoints may be more sensitive or critical than others and need to be updated with caution.

A solution for endpoint change management

The change management capabilities of the Endpoint Configuration module enable customers to create rings of endpoints that receive tool updates in a gradual and controlled way. Users can pause, promote, and apply hot fixes as needed. The feature also adds backward compatibility for tooling and modules, so that the server can support the older versions of the tools or extensions on the endpoints until they are updated. The feature also allows customers to see the toolset versions and changes, and the status of the endpoints in each ring.

The benefits of endpoint change management

Tanium Endpoint Configuration provides IT teams with backward compatibility for tooling updates. It reduces testing effort, increases deployment speed, and improves security and compliance. With Endpoint Configuration, customers can avoid breaking or disrupting their endpoints by deploying new tools or extensions in a staged manner. They can also reduce the testing effort by focusing on the changes that affect them, and speed up the deployment by promoting the updates when they are ready. Furthermore, they can improve their security and compliance by applying hot fixes or patches quickly and efficiently.

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