The Next Stage of the Tanium Journey – and Mine.

8.17.2020 | Fazal Merchant

Since launching its flagship product in 2012, Tanium has been one of the fastest growing technology start-ups in the security and IT operations market, with a multi-billion dollar valuation and a roster of Fortune 500 and government customers. The speed and scale our product provides is unmatched by any other enterprise software company in the endpoint space. With the recent launch of Tanium as a Service, we’re continuing to expand our business to serve the needs of our growing customer base. But innovation must be matched with operational excellence.

When Orion and I met almost four years ago, we saw right away the synergy of combining our unique skill sets. I would leverage my years of financial and operations experience at some of the world’s most recognized companies to establish the operational excellence necessary to sustainably scale the business. Orion would focus on the technology vision and execution necessary to keep Tanium on the leading edge of a rapidly evolving industry. From the time I joined, we’ve maintained a partnership based on a philosophy of transparency, trust and candor. Along the way we’ve developed the added benefit of a friendship that’s also extended to our families. During this time, we as a team have had countless wins (including nearly tripling the size and value of the company), and many learnings as well. It’s been an amazing journey for which I am so grateful and proud.

As many of you know, I came out of pseudo-retirement to join Tanium. What you may not know is that I had been transparent with David and Orion as to my time frame of three to four years. I had contemplated retirement earlier in the year, but with the onset of the pandemic and the uncertainty of that period, it simply wasn’t the right time. Now, with a connected commercial strategy, scale and leverage in our business model, and an outstanding team in place, it’s the right time for me to move on.

So today we come together as co-CEOs, partners and friends to announce that I will officially retire mid-September as co-CEO of Tanium. I will remain an advisor for some period of time to help see through some important initiatives already underway, and I will also continue to serve with pleasure on Tanium’s board.

While the coming weeks will involve some period of transition for our company, together, we have built an organization that is unmatched in either the sophistication of its technology or the discipline and excellence with which it operates, and led by an incredibly talented team of executives. We have also built a go-to-market model that has drawn the attention, and in the case of Salesforce, investment, of the most visionary tech companies in the world. Most importantly, together we have built a world-class team of professionals and given them the resources and support they need to do the best work of their careers in service of our global customers.

With my retirement, Orion will once again take the position of Tanium CEO. His technology vision and our relentless commitment to the success of our customers have always been Tanium’s North Star. Under his leadership, they will continue to be so.

We are so proud of everything we have achieved together, knowing that it has laid the foundation for an exceptional future.