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Helping Communities Stay Protected While Connected

Protecting the data of citizens

Smart government is truly the name of the game when it comes to cybersecurity. Though most media coverage focuses on Federal government issues, state and local governments have also been struggling with how to protect their citizens’ data while dealing with their own cyber attacks — sometimes in the face of severe budget constraints.

The latest challenge for states rests in trying to figure out how to secure their networks in the age of the Internet of Things. As more and more devices and assets are connected to the Internet, a greater amount of data is susceptible to data breaches and cyber hacks.

This week, I participated in the National Association of State Chief Information Officer’s (NASCIO) 2015 Annual Conference, entitled “Taking Off: Advancing Smart Government.” I joined Ohio’s CISO Dave Brown to discuss the need for states to take a new approach to cybersecurity. During the roundtable discussion, we talked with other state representatives about how state CIOs can best protect their organizations — and their citizens — from cyber threats.

Tanium’s endpoint visibility and control

Tanium works closely with the US government, partnering with a variety of federal and state agencies nationwide to arm them with an authoritative source of data into the state of their endpoints. Through 15-second visibility and control, agencies now have a truly real-time picture of the state of their endpoints. This means agencies are no longer left to rely on days or weeks old data to find and fix issues, but can finally go on the offensive to detect and remediate threats quickly — before the damage is done.

Here are just a few examples of how agencies have been able to use Tanium’s platform:

  • Rapid deployment of Tanium’s platform helped a county government catch and stop a massive data breach.
  • A state justice department was able to search for and detect Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in under 15 seconds, a job that previously took the agency days and weeks.
  • A public health department was able to track all of their assets and save taxpayer dollars on their software license renewals.
  • A local DMV gained visibility across their enterprise to all of their assets and protected them from data leakage.
  • An employment training panel was able to ensure that all of their remote employees’ laptops got updated with the latest patches before gaining access to critical parts of their network.
  • A state government is using Tanium to track resources and monitor and investigate their endpoint infrastructure for breaches.

As cyber breaches become an all too common occurrence for state and local government officials, they need the tools to secure their citizens’ data in our increasingly inter-connected world.

Pete Oelschlaeger, Director of Technical Account Management

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