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Here’s What’s New In Tanium Core Platform 7.4

IT teams today struggle to gain end-to-end visibility and control of their endpoints, leaving themselves open to cyberattack and other forms of disruption. An overreliance on point products often only exacerbates the problem; the modern IT team requires a single, unified endpoint management and security platform with the breadth to manage and secure endpoints—on-premises or in the cloud.

We’re pleased to share details of Tanium Core Platform 7.4, which we’ve announced today during our annual CONVERGE conference. This release includes numerous user experience updates that allow security and operations practitioners to make decisions based on the rich data provided by Tanium.

Here are some highlights of what we’ve built into the core platform for this release:

Module Level RBAC

The Tanium Server has supported platform level RBAC features since the release of Platform 7.1. Based on user feedback, Tanium is now offering a new level of granularity by extending RBAC into each module, enabling specific features to be isolated into defined content sets.

Protocol Enhancements

Previous versions of the platform had a rigidly defined communications protocol. Tanium Core Platform 7.4 includes a new protocol, 315, that is extensible and upgradeable while still maintaining backward compatibility. In practice, this enhances how Tanium and endpoints interact without requiring the upgrade of every client in your enterprise.

In protocol 315 we completely overhauled the Tanium Security model across all components. We are able to seamlessly rotate keys, add/remove trust relationships with ease, all of which increases the confidentiality and integrity of the communications between all components in the Tanium Platform.

And in a march towards better usability, all of this can be interacted with and audited within the Tanium Console or via a rich set of new APIs.


For IT professionals, there is no shortage of data to review and tasks to complete. Tanium Core Platform 7.4 release offers unparalleled visibility across their entire environment with the inclusion of Personas, a feature designed to help users maintain focus.

Personas allow the configuration of what users can see and do within Tanium, so a single user account can be used by different roles based on different permissions. It is a unique set of privileges tailored to a specific task, rather than a person. When selected, a persona will only give access to the data and functionality related to the task at hand.

Computer Group Enhancements and Filter Groups

Also available now is the capability to configure a computer group as a management group or a filter group, or as both. These “Management Groups” are assigned to users, defining the endpoints to which they are granted access rights and visibility, much like Computer Groups were used in previous platform versions.

Listening to customer feedback, we understand that Tanium administrators need to be able to delegate to their Module administrators the ability to create and manage Computer Groups themselves, which is now possible with Filter Groups. Filter Groups are used to define the machines that questions or actions are targeted to. This specialized type of Computer Group can now be created by users, and assigned to Content Sets, allowing users with specific functional roles to see only the filters that apply to them.

Asset Tool Tips

Knowing that workflows are a critical part of day-to-day IT operations, Tanium has introduced embedded Asset tooltips in an effort to streamline workflows and investigation efforts. This is just the beginning of many new Module-to-Module integrations built to enhance the Tanium user experience.

These and other enhancements enable better management and better security. Please contact your Technical Account Manager to be part of the Limited Availability release and try out Tanium Core Platform 7.4 in your lab.

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