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How endpointX is Helping Global Customers as the First Accredited Tanium Partner

UK-based professional services firm already adding value for countless European organizations

Partner Spotlight

We’re delighted to announce that endpointX is our first official accredited partner. The endpointX team is already helping organizations solve some of the world’s most complex IT operations and security challenges. This accreditation recognizes their expertise and holds them at the highest of standards. Together, we can continue to offer value to global customers.

Hear more from the endpointX team in this video:

Who is endpointX?

EndpointX is a Tanium partner with a difference. Drawing on years of experience managing some of the biggest Tanium deployments in the world, the UK-based team is now applying that expertise for companies of all sizes.

Across Europe, endpointX is working with companies in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, luxury goods and many other verticals. It delivers targeted professional services designed to help these clients get more out of the Tanium platform. And it complements this with broader service management across patching, vulnerability management, software deployment, third-party integrations and more — all with the Tanium platform at its heart.

The Tanium accreditation process that endpointX went through is not just about passing exams and checking boxes. It’s designed to ensure prospective partners also have the real-world experience and knowledge to meet the standards Tanium expects.

To that end, there are two main accreditations: one focused on deployment and the other around support. They require several members of a partner’s team to train for and attain qualifications as Tanium Certified Administrator and Tanium Certified Operator. But the process also includes interview evaluation by Tanium’s rapid deployment team and support center experts, alongside other prerequisites.

Securing and managing the distributed workplace

As a Tanium accredited partner, endpointX is helping global organizations adapt to some of the biggest changes to IT and working practices in decades. The rapid shift to mass distributed working during early 2020 is set to become the norm for most businesses, long after the pandemic has receded.

Yet as Tanium has previously documented, this presents a whole new set of endpoint management and security challenges to overcome. In an environment where the old certainties of homogeneous IT and perimeter-based security have disappeared, it’s vital for organizations to understand what assets they have, where they’re located and what state they’re in.

Complicating matters further is the sheer volume of vulnerabilities being discovered today. IT security and operations teams seem to be dealing with a potentially game-changing critical bug every month.

Each one of these incidents requires troops on the ground, an understanding of the attack surface, and a potentially disruptive plan for resolution, which needs sign-off by the business.

EndpointX understands only too well the nuances in these challenges, depending on the type of organization it’s helping. In large organizations, the main issue is getting sign-off for resolving the incident, given the large number of business owners that may want to get involved. For smaller counterparts, the challenge may be gaining comprehensive visibility into the endpoint environment and then finding the resources to fix it effectively.

Securing the future

Fortunately, with Tanium and skilled services partners like endpointX, organizations need not fear these post-pandemic IT challenges. In fact, the endpointX team is using Tanium to great effect to discover IT assets clients didn’t think they had, to reveal rich asset information they didn’t have before, and to understand the hygiene of their environment.

Crucially, the Tanium platform doesn’t just deliver this granular visibility, but it also offers control—the ability to take action and solve the problems it finds.

It’s the kind of end-to-end service that endpointX and its peers simply wouldn’t be able to deliver on other platforms in this space. We look forward to welcoming many more accredited partners to the fold in the months and years ahead.

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