How One Healthcare Provider Ensured a Seamless WFH Transition

8.14.2020 | Tanium

“Failure was not an option.”

Mitch Teichman is Senior Manager of Client Engineering at VITAS Healthcare, a provider of hospice care for patients at the end of their lives.

Teichman and his teams manage all end user computing for VITAS’ 12,000 employees.

When the pandemic struck, they were directly responsible for transitioning VITAS’ on-premises employees into a distributed workforce mode, and to ensure that operations for all of their end users continued without interruption.

Here’s how he did it.

How purpose and preparation created a seamless transition

First, Teichman credits all of his colleagues at VITAS and their shared sense of purpose.

VITAS is a patient-focused healthcare provider. This attitude is the driving force within their corporate culture, and it informs everything they do. When the pandemic struck, teams within every corner of the company banded together and worked tirelessly to make the transition work, no matter what it took.

Second, Teichman credits the fundamental technology infrastructure at VITAS, which maintained its core functionality during the rapid transition to Work From Home.

VITAS had already architected their technology systems to maintain visibility and control over all endpoints in their operating environment, even when those endpoints go off-network. When the pandemic struck, Teichman was able to identify and even patch new remote devices as soon they came online—no matter where they were.

Teichman’s advice: Establish your foundation before you need it

Teichman believes VITAS had a relatively seamless transition to WFH because they were already doing the basics—such as maintaining proper IT hygiene, and making sure they could see computers off-network—before the pandemic struck.

For Teichman, the lesson is clear. Organizations would do well to put their basic foundational endpoint management and security capabilities in place before disaster strikes.

To dive deeper into Teichman’s story, and to learn more about what happened when the world stayed home,

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