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Inside Tanium: Get to Know a Tanium Veteran Who’s Driven by Customer Engagement and Success

For our employee spotlight, we highlight Jasper Liao, Director of Customer Marketing, who connects customers across Tanium Community

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Jasper Liao is currently the Director of Customer Marketing and is responsible for engaging with Tanium customers through the Tanium User Community. This online platform serves as a community of technical users who can learn more about updates in modules and solutions, best practices, and more. Here, customers can ask questions and receive solutions from peers and Tanium professionals.
We sat down with Jasper to learn more about his experience working at Tanium and why the Tanium Community is such a valuable resource for the company and its customers. Here’s what he had to say.

Tell us about your background:

Jasper Liao: I’ve been working for Tanium now for seven and half years, but before coming to work at Tanium, I was working at Thomson Reuters in the journalism field. At Tanium, I brought a journalistic perspective to interviewing customers: finding out why they bought Tanium, use cases they found value in, and feedback that they had for Tanium on a technical or relationship level.

These were early efforts towards integrating customer success ideas into our support model. Over time as we developed these ideas more, Tanium Community was started. Tanium Community gives our employees an alternative means to engage with technical users, and a forum for customers and partners to engage with each other. We hope that through this engagement, our customers can more easily self-serve, interact with each other, and see even more value in our products and services.

What were you initially hired as, and how does it differ from your current job title?

Jasper Liao: Initially, I was hired in a sales analytics role, but now, I’m the Director of Customer Marketing. My current goal is to understand how to best guide customers to successful outcomes, ultimately leading to an extended and expanded relationship.

Photograph of Jasper Liao, Director of Customer Marketing

Jasper Liao, Director of Customer Marketing

What is it like working in the marketing department?

Jasper Liao: I love it! Our department is about telling the Tanium story: what Tanium brings to the table in terms of business value, but also why our products are important to day-to-day users. Whether it’s a technical user or a business stakeholder, how do we make the value connection for them? Making that case is an interesting challenge, and it’s great to be surrounded by a team whose goal is to figure out how.

What is Tanium Community?

Jasper Liao: The Tanium Community is comprised of more than 8000 members: not just customers, but also partners, prospects, and Tanium employees. It serves as a place where Tanium users can come to receive guidance on Tanium solutions, best practices, new products and updates, and interact with peers with similar backgrounds.

Is there anything in particular that you appreciate about working at Tanium?

Jasper Liao: Over the last seven years here, I’ve been consistently impressed by the caliber and the level of professionalism of coworkers. Also, it’s inspiring to be surrounded by teammates so willing to help each other out; we call it the “one team, one fight” mentality, which is an integral part of the culture here.

How has Tanium Community changed since it was first established?

Jasper Liao: The biggest change is the mission. When Tanium was a smaller company, the Tanium Community was a supplement to the traditional support and communication avenues we had with our customers. As Tanium has grown and the Community has matured, there is more opportunity for customers to self-serve as a main aspect of their support experience. Plus, customers and partners being more actively engaged has added a user perspective that is really valuable and can only come from folks working with Tanium as a part of their day-to-day work.

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to start/grow a career at Tanium?

Jasper Liao: Continue to excel in your area of responsibility, but be open to ways to get involved with projects involving different departments. Taking the initiative to insert yourself into project work can give you really valuable exposure, whether through meeting new team members, gaining experience in an unfamiliar area, or learning from the experience of your peers. By keeping a wide perspective, there are many chances for you to expand your career here at Tanium.

“Inside Tanium” is a series that highlights the people and culture of Tanium. To learn more about Tanium and explore our range of career opportunities, visit our Tanium Careers page.

Michael Low

Michael Low is the Content Marketing Intern for Summer 2022. When he's not assisting the marketing team, he's playing sports with friends and family or going on hikes and scenic drives to explore nature and practice his photography.

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