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Inside Tanium: How winning as a team inspired an intern to continue into a full-time role

July 27 is dedicated to celebrating interns nationwide. For this employee spotlight we met with Maayan Sela, a current Product Manager and former Tanium intern during summer 2022. She shares her story regarding her journey at Tanium and how her background in athletics drew her to the “win as a team” culture

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Teamwork is a value that is ingrained into Maayan’s identity. She utilized this skill while serving in the military in Israel, obtaining her business degree from the University of Hawaii, playing competitive D1 tennis, and becoming a college tennis coach. This led her to product management because of the role’s closeness to athletics; setting a strategy and aligning with a team to achieve a common goal.

In her time at Tanium, Maayan helped launch the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) solution, exemplifying her quick growth and work ethic. She transitioned from being in charge of a specific feature of the product, to owning the full product, and is now leading a whole new solution area.

What drew you to Tanium’s internship program?

Maayan Sela: What stood out to me the most were Tanium’s core values. Particularly “we win as a team.” Having played D1 college tennis, I realized that while individual skills are crucial, it’s the collective effort and collaboration that ultimately leads to success.

Also, product management internships are not very common, and this is an area that I am very passionate about. It was intriguing to me due to the intersection of business, technology, and user experience.

How has your background in athletics impacted your professional mindset?

Maayan Sela, Product Manager and former Tanium intern

Maayan Sela, Product Manager and former Tanium intern

Maayan Sela: My background in athletics has made a huge impact on who I am today. From playing and competing throughout my life, I’ve always had to juggle a lot. Whether it be school, serving in the military, college, or my personal life, it’s all about time management and balance.

Additionally, I’m very competitive. I have a lot of self-motivation and am results-driven. I always ask, “Hey, what can I do better? How can I improve?” That’s internally something that’s really ingrained in me. I think that’s from being an athlete. And then as a tennis coach, that experience shaped how I approach my day-to-day role, lead my team, and approach teamwork. Many aspects of coaching are similar to product management.

What role has mentorship played in your journey to becoming a full-time Tanium colleague?

Maayan Sela: Mentorship was a huge part of my journey. Tom Goings, who was and still is one of my mentors, would not only explain things to me in a digestible way, but would also share insights and provide guidance. The encouragement and support he gave me has been incredibly valuable. It helped improve my skills, and also gave me the confidence to make the transition from being an intern to a full-time colleague.

Today in my role, having Stephanie Aceves, Senior Director of Product Management, as my manager and mentor has been a game-changer. Like a coach, she’s always there to back me up, and also pushes me to challenge myself in the best ways. I can’t overstate how key she’s been in my career development journey.

What was your biggest takeaway from the internship program?

Maayan Sela: A huge takeaway for me was that you need to make sure your team aligns around a common goal and believes in the same mission. Whether it be winning a national championship in tennis or delivering a product that provides value for our customers, it’s crucial to understand one another.

Also, building relationships is key to being successful. I took it upon myself to try to get to know people, what they do, and form connections. This not only helps create a supportive network, but also encourages mutual learning, collaboration, and growth. It is a privilege to work alongside such talented and driven people at Tanium.

The last takeaway I had was that it is ok not to have all the answers because you are not expected to know everything. I learned to draw confidence from my ability to ask thoughtful questions over having all the knowledge.

I understand you recently launched Tanium Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Can you tell me more about that?

Maayan Sela: Yes, Tanium DEX solves a huge need for our customers. Today, there are more employees working from home or in hybrid mode than ever, and that means there are more devices to manage. Therefore, companies don’t have the same visibility into their devices they had before. As a remote employee, your device is all you have to connect to your workplace. So, if you have a negative experience with your device not working, it can be very frustrating since it impacts your ability to do your job.

One of the reasons that we entered this space is because it became very top of mind for companies to ensure that employees still have the right tools to do their job and be productive. Basically, it’s all about putting employees first.

What advice would you give interns as they emerge into the workforce?

Maayan Sela: I would say the best pieces of advice are to be proactive, be resourceful, and get things done.

Managers and colleagues appreciate it when they don’t have to ask you to do something, and you take the initiative. You see something wrong, and you fix it. Also, trust yourself to learn and figure things out.

Lastly, you want to work for a manager that will encourage, empower, and create the right opportunities for you because when you feel supported you are more likely to succeed. However, you also want someone that will challenge and push you harder than you push yourself. Therefore, balance is key.

Whether Maayan is winning tennis tournaments, empowering student athletes to unite around a goal, or collaborating with a team of product managers or engineers to improve employee’s experience, she is always ready for the next challenge. Her drive to find results and ask for feedback has allowed her to succeed in many different facets of her job and quickly move up in her career.

The trust and support she received from her colleagues exemplified the teamwork culture she was searching for in the workplace. She is a role model for all interns, especially those who may not know exactly what they want to do but are eager to learn.

“Inside Tanium” is part of a series that highlights the people and culture of Tanium. To learn more about Tanium and explore our range of career opportunities, visit our Tanium Careers page.

Natalie Rousseau

Natalie Rousseau is the Content Marketing Intern for Summer 2023. She currently attends Calpoly San Luis Obispo and is majoring in Communications. When she's not learning about content marketing, you can find her spending time outdoors, reading romance novels, or listening to Taylor Swift.

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