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Introducing PIT Crew: Partner Innovators of Tanium. A New Community Exclusively for Partner Technologists and Innovators!


Tanium is thrilled to announce the launch of a new program, Partner Innovators of Tanium, also known as the PIT Crew. This invite-only program is designed to support and grow an exclusive global community of talented technologists and visionaries who share our passion for driving customer success, protecting critical IT infrastructure from bad actors, and want to help shape the evolution of XEM – Converged Endpoint Management.

Designed to foster collaboration and innovation across our global partner ecosystem, Tanium will be providing members exclusive access to resources, industry experts, and Tanium-hosted events. I am proud to serve as executive sponsor and wanted to share why I am so passionate about how this innovative program is good for Tanium customers, partners, and our industry.

Who are the Partner Innovators of Tanium?

The PIT Crew is comprised of an elite group of IT and security leaders, architects and engineers across our partner ecosystem who possess the front-line experiences, technical acumen, and a common passion for leveraging the unique capabilities of the Tanium platform to solve difficult and complex problems. In most cases, these leaders not only serve as trusted expert advisors to customers and colleagues, but also play a pivotal role in guiding the technology stack, best practices and services for their firms that allow them to respond to customer needs efficiently and rapidly. Hailing from 13 countries, the 45 founding members of the PIT Crew will represent 38 organizations, with membership expected to grow over the coming months and years.

Goals & Guiding Principles

Cybersecurity and IT Operations is a team sport built on relationships. Success requires collaboration, curiosity, and a willingness to build an internal and external network of experts to consult with. Although Tanium employs some of the most brilliant minds in our industry, we firmly believe that the best way to develop innovative best-in-class solutions requires input and validation from our partner ecosystem and the customers we serve globally.

Given we offer a robust platform that partners can build differentiated managed services and solutions powered by Tanium technology, I hear daily about the unique ways our partners are creating value, whether that be solving a new customer use case, integration, or developing tailored solutions for a market segment or industry vertical. PIT Crew members are the masterminds and expert engineers behind these differentiated solutions that create competitive advantage for their firm.

To that end, PIT Crew members will be offered early access to product roadmaps and planned integrations, NFR licenses and lab resources, and interactive forums to both capture their insights and help incubate innovation to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Benefits to PIT Crew Members

The new program offers an array of exclusive benefits tailored specifically for this community. These benefits include:

  • Collaborative Road Mapping: Through interactive road mapping sessions and invitations to participate in pre-release programs, PIT Crew members will engage directly with Tanium product leaders to actively solicit their input and insights to help guide the future direction of our products, ensuring they align with the needs of our end-users, and helping early adopter customers implement and optimize new product releases.
  • Brand Building and Advocacy: Participating partners will be provided access to our social media advocacy platform and speaking opportunities to make it easier to share their unique Tanium story with our joint customers and prospects. Participants in this program will receive early access to thought leadership resources, customizable content, and opportunities to expand their individual brand and drive awareness of their firm.
  • Networking and Best Practice Sharing: As our dynamic industry demands, providing partners with exclusive access to Tanium resources, peer networking events, and the latest insights will help ensure our shared customers are benefitting from the collective wisdom of this brain trust.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Exceptional performance deserves recognition. As part of the program, we will highlight and reward partner engineers who consistently demonstrate outstanding achievements and go above and beyond to deliver exceptional outcomes for customers.

I look forward to hosting and participating in these exciting discussions in the months ahead and learning from our partners. We are excited to embark on this journey together and look forward to a future filled with fruitful collaborations, technological innovation, and continued growth.

Stay tuned for more updates on our program as we roll out additional features and opportunities in the coming months. To all PIT Crew founding members, thank you for your dedication and support. We look forward to celebrating together in the winner’s circle!

For any inquiries about the Partner Innovators of Tanium, please reach out to [email protected].

Todd Palmer

As SVP of Global Partner Sales, Todd Palmer is responsible for building and maintaining an ecosystem of partners around the globe. He oversees the global partner strategy, the Tanium Partner Advantage program, and the sales and services performance of Tanium's diverse partner ecosystem.

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