Introducing Tanium Performance: Improved End User Experience on Endpoints At Scale

3.10.2019 | Eric Greenstein

Improving the endpoint user experience

Today, we are excited to announce Tanium Performance, which allows organizations to monitor, investigate, and remediate endpoint performance issues, quickly and at scale.

Typical organizations lack full visibility into endpoint performance, investigating only the fraction of issues that end users notify them about. One customer told us that they recently learned it was common for users to wait 10 minutes while their machines booted up. While waiting, their users would get a cup of coffee and focus on other things; they did not tell IT because they had come to expect this kind of delay as normal.

That’s just one example that begs the question: How much productivity is lost because of end user experience problems unknown to IT?

When end users do report problems, IT teams resort to manual troubleshooting processes that often fail to identify the root causes of those problems. For example, they will open applications or kill processes in an attempt to understand why a computer was slow. Organizations spend too much time trying to resolve these issues. According to a June 2019 Gartner report 2019 Strategic Roadmap for IT Operations Monitoring, “Most monitoring solutions, while valuable in their own right, have not optimized the process of troubleshooting performance and availability problems. Users often complain of limited visibility with too few tools or too much complexity with too many tools, and everything in between.”

Customers also lack tools to understand the effects of software or hardware changes. We hear of teams struggling to answer questions such as, “Do I need to update my users’ laptops right now?” and “How much improvement in performance can I expect with this application upgrade?”

Tanium Performance in action

As the latest extension of our platform, Tanium Performance allows users to track critical performance metrics related to hardware resource consumption, application health and system health. IT teams can define and be alerted to performance-related events, as well as visualize recent problems and their commonalities. These features enable them to proactively resolve problems, improving end user productivity overall.

Tanium Performance also provides users access to rich historical data, so that they can effectively troubleshoot problems and lower mean time to repair. They can also use this data to make better decisions about IT initiatives, such as hardware and software upgrades.

With Tanium Performance, we are proud to be delivering yet another way the Tanium platform can provide organizations with visibility and control at scale.

Below are some examples of Performance in action:

Continuously monitor endpoints for performance issues that impact system health.

Quickly identify common software- and hardware-related factors behind performance issues.

Quickly troubleshoot problems using rich historical data.

To learn more about Tanium Performance:

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