Introducing Tanium Trends

10.25.2016 | Doug Van Der Molen

Our customers frequently tell me how effective Tanium is at managing and securing their network. As Chief of Design and User Experience its my job to ensure that all Tanium users, of all skill levels, are able to harness and understand this power and to provide ways to track and communicate the state of their environment to their stakeholders.

To that end, we announced today at CONVERGE 2016 a new Tanium Core Platform capability called Trends. Trends empowers Tanium users to visualize, understand and communicate the true state of their security and operations health.

Trends resulte from many conversations with our customers about their need to better understand and visualize the data Tanium surfaces, as well as take appropriate actions based off of that data. It also reduces the time from analysis and insight to action through the Tanium Core Platform.

Trends provides two distinct views of data. First, Trends provides a customizable dashboard view we call a Trend Board. The Trend Board is a collection of visualizations, or panels, each representing a different perspective of Tanium data like patches and vulnerabilities, asset inventory, or operations health. This collection gives a snapshot of several insights on a single page. The second view provides the ability to drill down into the the details of any single panel, so customers can analyze historical Tanium data using custom date ranges, bucketing and data filtering.

Earlier this year, we teamed up with NASDAQ to [understand]([( global business leaders assess their own cybersecurity. While there were many alarming results, one stood out for me: 90% of highly vulnerable respondents did not receive regular updates on relevant cyber threats to their business. We’ve made a concerted effort with Trends to help our customers simply and accurately report the health of their environment to all key stakeholders.

We are confident Trends will help companies gain much more confidence in their security and IT operations. Our beta customers shared that Trends will help them measure and communicate meaningful metrics across their organization. Many also said it will enable them to affect further change in their organizations by communicating the impact of Tanium on their endpoints.

Our goal at Tanium is to always provide solutions that solve real and concrete customer problems. When we announced Tanium v7 earlier this summer we promised that it is a platform built for further innovation, and Tanium Trends is yet another way we’re increasing the value and number of use cases customers can solve with Tanium using a single agent and infrastructure.

What would you do with the combined capabilities of Tanium’s powerful visualizations and unique speed at scale? Request a demo here to get started.

About the Author: Doug Van Der Molen is Chief of Design and UX at Tanium. Before joining Tanium, Doug was Chief User Experience Architect at ClearStory Data and previously led user experience for Google Analytics, Google AdWords and other Google Ads products. Doug’s designs have helped millions of people intuitively understand data and comprehend complex systems. Prior to Google, Doug was a key member of the team at MeasureMap, which was acquired by Google in 2006. He received his Masters of Design from the Institute of Design.